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Geico increased my insurance twice in six months for no reason - my insurance canceled and I was made to pay 38.00 more on the policy- I was reported to the state for cancellation and have to pay the state 150.00 for the four days-3 cars- I received yet another cancellation bill from geico because - they said I was given the wrong quote I owed 54.00 because I did not want direct payment - I did not have the money - I just paid 211.00. Cancelled... Read more

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I have been with Gieco Forever (15)yrs. I have been going through finical hardship. I asked if my payments could be divided up into 2 payments The answer was a unequivocally No.. You cannot We Ned payment NOW!! Wow is this how you treat your disable Veterans after being with your company for 15 yrs?? This is not a drop in the bucket of service I've see you my step son through high school college and now the USAF.. I BEG OF YOU IS THIS WHAT YOU... Read more

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My son got rear ended by a Geico insurer. Worst insurance EVER. I would of preferred my vehicle get hit from a non insured vehicle beforw getting hit by a Geico insurer. The other driver was cited for speeding and for some reason, Geico says their insurer will try to have his vehicle fixed by MY insurance. What a joke. His fault but the representative Opal said they are taking his word. She didnt go by the police report ( which she hasnt... Read more

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worst insurance and charge you too much money...better you shop around if you have geico since long time.. We had Geico since we bought a new car 3 years and we thought that best and cheap insurance available in our area until this time. I did driver safety course to get some more discount and i paid for that course still i haven't get much difference in my payments. I called geico so many times if I can get some more discounts because I pay my... Read more

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  • Geico
  • May 24
  • #853732

Geico cancelled my collision and comp. coverage because I didn't get a photo inspection on a brand new car. Why would I need a photo inspection on a brand new car? I had no idea that they cancelled my coverage so of course someone side swiped me in a parking lot and they won't cover the damage Add comment

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  • Geico
  • May 24
  • #853410

Insurance premium went from $500 to $1400 after 21 years. I had my car hit whole parked three times. They said I shouldn't have reported it. Terrible. Raised insurance $11 k in one year. Help!!! Add comment


Claims my husband is at total fault for an accident we had when on a highway and putting the signal to go into another lane and when doing so the driver on the lane we were already going to sped up instead of letting us go through . Geico said we had to wait until someone would let us go through when we had to go into our exit to go home and the other driver knowing that we had the signal didn't let us through so what are we supposed to do stop... Read more

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  • Geico
  • May 20
  • #851727

Worse company to work for! Treat their employees like ***! You need to get it together!!!!!!! Add comment

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  • Geico
  • May 17
  • #849322

I was hit from behind by.a Geico customer. Geico refuse to pay the claim. I have medical bills which my insurance has been paying. I had my truck fixed my insurance paid but I am out the deductible. Their claim adjuster is one of the nasty person I ever talked too. I ended getting a lawyer. Please if you have Geico insurance be careful driving because your insurance sucks!!!!!! Add comment

Geico - Gieco just pays out and ruins your insurance creditably
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This is a great story! I got a call that the Glendale police were at my home looking for my husband for a hit and run, I call him he is at walmart and i said were you in a car accident he says no, I said the police are looking for you, He walks out to the car and says there is damage goes home and they say he hit and ran someone and gave him a ticket he said i didnt even know the car was hit. we get the police report which is the biggest ***... Read more

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