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  • Aug 26
  • Auto Insurance
  • Insurance Administration
  • 34

We insured [GEICO[ a car for our granddaughter well a year later the cars engine blew so now there's no car so we cancel the insurance she does not live with us and she will be getting a car on her own she is now 23 years old. Well me and my wife have a 2014 Equinox and pay 900 a year. Now we found out that GEICO put my granddaughter on our insurance now $2400 a year and telling us they can't... Read more

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  • Aug 23
  • Service Centers and Customer Services
  • Jackson, Tennessee
  • Roadside Assistant
  • 22

I called and asked for roadside assistant with two hours to spare before my garage closed - they assured me a truck would be there within the hour. an hour and a half later i called - they said they were dispatching another truck - i explained that there were going to cause me to be without a car for the weekend and to loose a days work because of this and the lady pointed out that it takes 20... Read more

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  • Aug 21
  • Auto Insurance
  • New York City, New York
  • Unprovided Service
  • 28

Gieco has closed my file after I was rear-ended for the past 6 months. because I had refused to go and seek their independent *** doctors for evaluation. They have refuse to pay my travel expenses and cut of my physical therapy and other treatment. They have only paid for one travel expense, as to make beleive that they stood up to it. Wrong', Geico's staff is messed up , ***, ignorant,... Read more

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  • Aug 11
  • Auto Insurance
  • Unprovided Insurance
  • 90

I have been a Geico customer for several years, no accidents and no problems. I had only really had to deal with them when my car was stolen, it was found 3 days later and I paid for all of the repairs. I had a glass chip repaired on my newer car so they paid $60 for that. I had a lady claim I hit her car and that claim was denied because I didn't hit her car, I wasn't even in the same city as... Read more

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  • Aug 09
  • Auto Insurance
  • Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • Insurance Rate
  • 31

My wife moved from IL to PA for further studies. I called geico that I would like to know the rate in PA if I change my address. They (Simon is a supervisor in Virginia Beach call center) were so rude & stubborn that instead of keeping the old address, they changed it to new. I still had to work in IL, plates are still from IL. I was thinking of finding the rates only, told them that I moved... Read more

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  • Aug 08
  • Auto Insurance
  • Bethpage, New York
  • Unprofessional Windshield Repair
  • 1
  • 1
  • 42

My father passed away in March of this year & one of the things he left me was his Dodge Charger that he absolutely loved. When I took over the car, it needed a lot of help. So after $5500 later, the car now looks like something my father would have been proud of. So, in early July I noticed 3 chips in the windshield & I called Geico about my glass coverage. I am told to schedule my... Read more

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  • Aug 07
  • Auto Insurance
  • Auto Insurance Service
  • 67

I had been a Geico auto insurance customer since I started driving. At 27, I got married and started a family and we were loyal Geico customers. When our two children started driving as teenagers, they had several accidents; fortunately they were not injured. Geico immediately dropped our coverage even though over the life of our coverage, at an average of $3000/year, we had paid approximately... Read more

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  • Aug 02
  • Professional Services
  • Unauthorised Billing
  • 59

I live in Grand Blanc, Michigan married and mother of 4 children struggling with a sick husband. We had insurance with GEICO and on July 25 they took a payment of $287.00 from my back account, I will admit I did call to make a payment, but call back to cancel it the following day. On the date in question July 25 my husband was in the hospital with symptoms of a heart attack. They told me that I... Read more

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  • Jul 28
  • Auto Insurance
  • Eatontown, New Jersey
  • Car Reimbursement
  • 54

I am 24. I was struck by a Geico customer. They admitted fault. Geico reimbursed for the accident and for part of the car rental but refused to pay for the mandatory under 25 fee. I am 24. A Geico agent advised me that I should have had someone over 25 rent the car for me (which I believe is an illegal act). I have filed a complaint with the NJ Insurance Commission. I have spoken with Geico... Read more

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  • Jul 28
  • Auto Insurance
  • Parked Car Hit
  • 48

Geico's insured hit my parked car. Geico is claiming it to be a total loss. They found 2 similar cars selling for low ball rates of $6K and $8K. If I take that approach I can find the exact year cars selling for $22K and $26K. The average on the car is $18K. If you filter out the top 10% and bottom 10% you come up with an average price of $18K. Additionally they ignored other cars of the same... Read more

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