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I have been a Geico customer for almost 10 years. Recently, I received notice that my policy was being cancelled for failure to provide some kind of information, which was not described in the letter. I was given a number to call about the issue. I called the number and was told by Geico that it was the wrong number, then given another number. I stilled didn't know what the problem was, and the person on the phone wouldn't tell me, even... Read more

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  • 1 day ago
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Gieco sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!Not a very good company

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I backed out of my garage and scraped my kids car.... Called geico, didn't even think damage worth filing a claim on. My car was fine and other car geico paid about $500. But..... Geico said since it happened at my own home, there would be no deductible so yes file the claim. Now.... Tripled my rates!!!! And lied now calling it a collision at my fault so I now have a collision on my record!!!! I fully expected to pay my deductible when I called... Read more

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Geico: You get what you pay for. Customer service from ***. Can't even cancel auto pay. Not sure if I plan to live in the US another 6 months so I canceled auto payment of 6 month premium to switch to month to month. Again they fail to provide excellent customer service and hit my checking account multiple times for the full 6 month premium despite confirmation of canceled auto payment. Lucking I placed a limit of $100 on automatic payments... Read more

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July 11, wife filed claim. Over phone. On 13th I (husband) had total knee replacement (left) next day repair person said figured. Out of whats wrong ! But they needed a go head. From that day on her adjuster did not so much as call,text,contact her or tell to go fixit. Date today is July 19 Her adjuster name is Lawrence Conway. The supervisers name is Lawrence Harris. I've since been discharged. After I spoke to them, called Seattle ofc got new... Read more

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Geico Insurance has done a very poor job on helping fix this issue. Service King do not know how to fix quality auto. Problems still exist have not been resolved in fact car drive worst than it did before we took it in. How you gonna fix one side of a car when you got front end damage. We are so dis-taught. Hate we every took our car to Service King and apparently Geico can't help you get it fixed there because they have people that do not know... Read more

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Hi my nameis vikranth, i have a 2002 nissan altima( i am through state farm)3 days back one lady hit my car (she is from geico) from back and damaged my rear parts. Next day geico called me and said our represntative will come to take a look at the vehicle. He came and said i will make it a total loss. Next day he called me and said i will give 2100$ for your car as a total loss. WTF i bought it for 2900 4 months back. My car had a new replaced... Read more

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Geico has terrible customer service
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I had a accident where I turned right and was hit by another vehicle turning left. The car turned into my lane and hit me. Please could not do report because they were not there. Geico states nobody's fault we both had to pay our deuctibles. Then I had to deal with lying supervisors geico not sending the check to dealer in time for me to get vehicle out. I was hit on my left from bumper geico said 3 days, well we are at over a month now and the... Read more

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After carrying GEICO insurance on my small pick-up for five years (and another vehicle for four prior to that) I fully expected some sort of return loyalty when I moved to Florida. With the new information came the realization that I am a blue-collar worker, a carpenter. While we work in the same development for the vast majority of the time, we occasionally do build on individual home sites. How did my loyal insurance company respond? They... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 09
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Geico sucks. They use the cheapest parts available and if you use one of their "approved shops " they write a poor estimate and expect those shops to repair it by their cheap estimate. Steer clear of geico. Go to the shop.of your choice and get your vehicle repaired properly.

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