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Well, three years later, I found myself in the same situation with GEICO. Excellent customer for about 6 years, no traffic infractions, absolutely no claims with them, paid full 6-month premium in advance. Yet, it was getting to where they were raising my rates significantly every 6 months...and when I called about it, their only suggestion was to decrease my the rate that was going, I would have no coverage at all before long! ... Read more

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Geico Medical Claim Review from Birmingham, Alabama
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Back on September 9, 2015 I was hit head on by a gecio insurance customer. Here it is 11 months later my medical bills haven't been paid, my lost wages hasn't been replaced for time off work. I have nerve damage and arthritis in my right hand so bad that I am having to take medication to relieve the pain just so that I can work. Gecio only wants to offer a crappy offer to settle my case. It's not my fault that the guy that's insured with... Read more

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Called to get a quote. They wanted my life story before she would even give me a quote. I don't see where we work has anything to do with a car quote. I could see if I decided to go with them on giving all this information but just a quote. I think it's safe to say I will not be going through them ever. Read more

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A civil class action lawsuit against GEICO is long overdue. You better get a dash cam because when you get hit by a GEICO customer it doesn't matter what you do because GEICO LOVES CRIME. Even if the other driver assaults you with their vehicle and nearly kills you, doesn't matter it is your fault. Hit and run? Your fault. Other driver drunk? Your fault. Other driver speeding or breaking traffic laws? Your fault. And don't kid yourself if you... Read more

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Geico gave me insurance when i needed it most with little hassle..but didn't tell me they were going to charge me for two months to help me "catch up"??.. Never of heard of such a thing..On top of that they were charging me for rental , towing and didn't even tell me!! I highly recommend doing your research about this company before you sign up with them. They will get you started with all the bells and whistles and are more flexible than a... Read more

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We had a chip in our windshield and while we were at the car wash there was a glass company representative who offered to fix it. We were so excited as the chip had occurred yesterday. Called Geico to get a referral number only to be informed that they would send us a form and then an inspector would come out and AFTER all this we could get it repaired. Our experience was embarrassing, demeaning, time consuming and left us feeling as we were... Read more

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Horrid claims service! I was in an accident, not my fault. Not only does Geico have the wrong person on the claim, they have the wrong info as to what happened, though they have ALL of the information from the police & so on. They just ignore phone calls re reimbursements or anything rlse & they are Our insurance company! I didnt believe Id need anattorney for this. I do! Retaining one now.

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Good lord. Called to get a quote and all they did was pass me around and kept me on hold forever sending me back to the operator numerous times before finally telling me there was a shortage of agents to help me. I don't have time for this, state farm answered and helped right away. Never again will I call Geico. If this is the best they can do, what about when I have an accident and need help? They said I called at a high volume time. Wednesday... Read more

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Had a really bad experience with geico auto damage estimator. He is very rude and he does not want to listen to me, I had an appointment for estimate on 08/15/2016, The guy who did the estimate his name is Kyle Hughes, and the estimate was done at calliber collision, alpha road , Dallas.. he checked the vehicle for couple of minutes, and didn't say anything to me and went and wrote a estimate, when I mentioned that the engine cover under the... Read more

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I wanted to ask how the claims process works before filing a claim. No other car was involved, just skidded. Since I can't afford a new car I simply wanted to know, if they decide my car is not worth fixing and declare it totalled, can I still choose to have it fixed, out of pocket or with their totalled payment, and still be able to insure it. the agent refused to even answer in a basic way until I filed an actual report. They basically have... Read more

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