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After almost 8 to 9 years thinking geico had my back. My wife got rearended and geico is slow to very slow and pulled rental car from my injured wife leaving her with no transportation to her doctors appointments. Cause they said the totaled and was paid off and that was why they pulled the car. But 7 days later. Wells Fargo told me they haven't heard anything from the total lose agent for 7 days. We are normal average family and can't replace... Read more

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My husband and I are long time customers with Geico and when I called after buying a new vehicle to insure it ,I had told the salesperson there is a possibility our son may drive it but not sure. She would not give us a policy because I would not add him right then! Just a suggestion to new policy buyers do NOT say anything more than what you need at that time! I went with safe auto after this experience and they said it was fine to add him if... Read more

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Geico does not keep clients up to date and geico is really bad with resolving issues with paying customers and does not respond in timely fashion

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Geico Does Everything To You Except Kiss You Afterwards
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Short story; been with Geico 20+ years w/out a ticket or accident. Got a DUI, was told I had to increase my insurance coverage. Fine; I was wrong so I gotta pay the price. Was told that since the other two cars were registered in my wife's name and she was the main driver, she could have a separate policy with a slight increase to cover her two cars. After I was forced to pay a six-month premium up-front for my insurance, they called me back and... Read more

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Never received my refund from cancelling my auto insurance and it has been six months . I thought for sure I could trust Geico with the refund, I believe they think that everyone will forget about their refunds or at least some people . I haven't forgot , nor will I . I will be taking more than just being a nice guy action . My refund was quite a bit and I do expect it . I hope to hear a reply from this complaint on this and please tell me what... Read more

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My daughter (a covered driver) was involved in an accident in which she was found by both insurances companies (Geico being ours) and the police to have no fault. After talking to Andrew our adjuster I thought ok this is going to be fine. Unfortunately, 3 weeks later we have spent over $600 on a rental car and have not received payment for our totaled vehicle. As we can no longer afford the rental car we are now dealing with 2 vehicles between 4... Read more

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I was involved in a car accident on 9/22/16. A lady crossed into my lane unsafe, she failed to yield me the right of way. Police report conforms she is at fault. Bad thing - She has GEICO as her insurance. So, the GEICO adjuster, Patrick*** concludes (cant give it to me in writing) that I could have avoided the accident (perhaps by telepathically telling the other driver to wait for a green light). Patrick says that GEICO will be responsible for... Read more

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I have had Geico for over 30 years. For the last 3 years my daughter has been on my policy on a VA DL and they haven't said a word and have insured her. In June of this year she gets into a car accident and her vehicle was totaled. We filed a claim with Geico because the guy who hit her after a week had not made a claim with his Insurance Company. My policy expired in May and is up for renewal in Nov. Now 3 weeks before its due for renewal I... Read more

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I am a long term Geico Car insurance customer. I had my first claim Friday and am extremely disappointed with your service. First, I needed a rental car since my car is not operable. They could not get me one until Monday (and that was after having to make a half dozen calls and spending an hour on the phone). Next the damaged car needed to be picked up. After about 45 minutes on the phone with Geico staff Saturday I was told I needed to call... Read more

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I had an auto accident on sept. 17th , I filed a claim on sept. 19th, I received zero communication so I called geico sept 23rd. to inform them I needed to get my vehicle assessed. I received a claim adjuster call on sept 26th, he came and wrote a estimate for exactly half of the cost of repair, assured me someone would call and reassess the vehicle as this was not his area the normal area. I called geico immediately back and requested to speak... Read more

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