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I was a GEICO customer for more than years, no accidents, tickets, or claims. My car is old (2004) and I'm a good driver. Premiums kept rising over time until, earlier this year, the value proposition (my record and auto plus their coverage) didn't match. I left for Progressive. When it came time to renew my Progressive policy, I got a tickler email from GEICO saying I could buy insurance from them for six months at just $214. I clicked the "get... Read more

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Geico is a FRAUDULENT Company.
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I was in accident (my fault)....I have Geico (my fault).... I rear-ended the vehicle in front of air bag went off as did the passenger curtain (no passenger). The first two estimates....done by Geico claim adjusters....they said they would fix my car (2010 BMW 335ix). The first estimate was done 8/24 (8k), the second one 9/5 (13k) and then a third estimate (9/12) (17k) they declared it a total loss. Moved my car to an auction... Read more

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Horrible managers! I was talking to a representative when a manager came to the rep's desk and I could hear the manager cussing at the rep! What kind of place is this in Poway, California? Who are they hiring for managers! I really felt badly for the rep. I hope the manager got a stern talking to and had to attend a sensitivity workshop. Cussing does not belong in a professional workplace, there are no excuses! The manager should be fired!!... Read more

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Asked for a quote online, liked the price and proceeded to enter my payment. I clicked on purchase and a screen came up welcoming me to Geico with a price that was $400 more than what they had quoted. I immediately called them up and they said they didn't know what happened but that I would have to wait 2 weeks to get my money back even though it was less than 5 mins after the incident, outrageous. On top of that, because they had already... Read more

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My car insurance has done nothing but go up !!!!! My car is old, paid for and I haven't ever filled a claim !!! What is up with that. As long as you pay the higher it goes ????? Read more

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AFTER 6 plus years I was dropped by Geico insurance . I was never given a written notice, NO email , No phone call . They reinstated me 3 days after no problem after my accident which is ludicrous if you ask me ?? WHY ?? I said how does that help me ? I got hit on August 13 th. I didn't know Geico dropped me until I called for help. This is a crime to drop a long term client just like that !! I was dropped on July 19th and they can't even... Read more

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  • Sep 17
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Never in 35 years with geico a accident ticket nothing. electronic payments. My car was stolen was without ins for a year and was REFUSED DUIs.

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  • Sep 15
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I feel i was scam by geico who would get a $1000 deductable on a 2008 ford focus. I was also invovled in a accident on 8/23/2016 rececied a call was told that a another claim exam was going to call. Never received a call back because it was confected statement between me and the other party. How i found the held me a fault was by calling my self.

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Geico is so fake they don't care bout there coustmers, always going up monthly. I was in a car wreck in January of 2016, it wasnt my fault i was hit by another car. My vehicle was a total loss. Geico told me to go after the other party insurance which was a total loss, know help. So then i had to file on mine which i had to pay 1001 deductible out of my pocket to get money for my vehicle. Which they only gave me 2000 for a 2014 paid off 8000... Read more

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I'm a Geico auto policyholder and called about my son due to him being deployed. The agent was good and brfire hanging up, asked i wanted to get a homeowner's quote for a multiple discount . The quote was higher than what I currently have with another insurer, so I told the agent that I'll think about it. The agent informed me that this quote and related data will be available for several weeks. The agent assured me that it won't be activated... Read more

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