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Was hit by a driver with a suspended license (FELONY HIT & RUN) 'totaling out' my 1997 Suburban. I had 'added the suburban to my existing policy' when I purchased it last year.

That policy was on my 1968 Corvette. It included 'FULL COVERAGE' , COMPREHENSIVE & COLLISION (with a 500.00 deductible). I also had 'EMERGENCY TOWING' coverage. Turns out if you elect for FULL COVERAGE with GEICO then you can't have 'UNINSURED MOTORIST' coverage- 'DOUBLE COVERAGE' they say!

Not allowed! After diligently reporting the accident I was told I had 'NO COLLISION OR UNINSURED MOTORIST' coverage. HUH??? My car being DEMOLISHED BY ANOTHER (AT FAULT) MOTORIST was not what they consider an 'emergency' so they won't even cover the towing I HAD TO PAY OUT OF POCKET (TWICE) once to the tow yard, then to my house!

I have NEVER 'filed a claim' in my life and I could have easily 'yelled WHIPLASH!' but I DID NOT! Why do I have automobile insurance? NOT FOR THIS KIND OF TREATMENT!

I would think TWICE before buying ANY INSURANCE from GEICO! ('GIVING EVERY INDIVIDUAL *** IN THE ***')

Reason of review: DENIAL OF COVERAGE.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: I WANT THE PUBLIC TO HEAR ABOUT IT!.

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I agree with the other commenter. You HAVE to know what you're purchasing-which is why having an agent is a good thing and not just blindly selecting coverages based on price alone.

IF you had collision coverage (having uninsured motorist is irrelevant if you had collision-just the difference in the deductible), there's NO way they can deny your claim. If they do, simply contact your state's insurance department and file a complaint.

I would be interested to know when collision was added (or removed) and by whom. They would surely have an activity record of all changes made to the policy.


This doesn't make any sense at all. Go to the Geico website and try to get an insurance quote.

I have been buying my insurance online from Geico for the last 10 years, with no trouble at all. I'm also smart enough to review my insurance coverage as soon as I pay for it, each year.

If you bought Geico insurance from an insurance agent, and this crappy situation is actually true, then you should go to small claims court and file against the agent for incompetently submitting your insurance purchase to Geico.

By the way, it doesn't take much for an insurer to "total out" a 1997 Suburban, especially if it has a lot of miles on it.

to Charles #1399304

have you ever made a claim yet on geico ! thats when the problems start !

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