I have been with GEICO for a while, I keep on paying my premiums even during the pandemic which, I did not drive my car for a whole year but still keep up with my premium. I had an accident in October, I was a passenger, it wasn't my car, it wasn't GEICO customer, but the other driver at fault is a GEICO customer.

In November without my knowledge, no letter, no text, no email. I wanted to pay my monthly premium and was told that my insurance has been cancelled. I called and it was straightened up. i was told to make the payment and I did.

Thinking I'm okay with my premium. Paid for November and December. I wanted to pay for January, again, I was told my insurance has been cancelled, then they said, they are very sorry, that there was a mistake. I paid, and I thought my auto insurance was intact, then I wanted to make a payment, I was told to pay almost $600 for my auto to reinstall my auto policy, I couldn't believe it.

By this time we were to go back to work three day a week. This is the time that I really need to drive my car. I can not drive without insurance. I called and was told again that it was an error, and they will call me back.

Which they never did. I did make my monthly premium as advised by GEICO rep. The following month, my insurance was cancelled again and the agent said, it was the weekend, and they will call me on Monday. She did call this time and said that they are still investigating on my policy, and that I'm insured, and it's okay to drive.

I called again and nothing was done. Now I received another email stating my monthly ill is $383 while I supposed to pay $103. This is a fraudulent thing going on at GEICO. I do not think it is GEICO, but I think it's a chain work between associate.

I told GEICO I need to find another insurance because I can not drive without auto insurance by law. And that the way they cancel, reinstate, increase premium for the past 6 months has been giving me a sleepless night. Said I need to cancel insurance. I was told I have to pay the remaining premium of about $800.

Why on earth should I pay, when it was their fault. I need investigation into this matter. I am looking for another insurance, I do not want my name at the credit bureaus. Furthermore, I should have the choice of getting out of this company without paying any other premium, without owing them any money because they did not meet up to my expectations.

i have sleepless night.

I do not know when they will cancel my insurance without notice. Please help me!

User's recommendation: This company is doing some associate chain fraud. Please check your premium every month. They will increase your premium, cancel your insurance anytime without any notice. Their are some hand to hand fraud going on. I am 63 year old, so its probably on old people.

Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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