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I have had one experience with Geico, and it was like a chamber of horrors. I consider their profligate treatment of my then-330k mile car as irresponsible and reckless (sparing no expense for a car of little material value); and the company's subsequent treatment of me, personally, as being void of any redeeming qualities, like the dirt under the doormat, and is not worthy of any Yelp stars.

What happened is that I was rear-ended on the eastbound 60 Freeway in Tempe, AZ by a young kid with Geico insurance (presumably he was texting at the time), causing the bumper of my aging car to be smashed to smithereens, and I suffered a neck injury. Now I'd be the first to admit that Geico jumped right on the car repair, opting to put a brand-spanking new bumper on a car with a junk value of $375 (which is all it was worth with that many miles on it), costing Geico $1579, and they also paid for my rental car while my bucket of bolts was being fixed. So when it came to my car, and a cost that was easily quantifiable, they'll spend money like they're throwing it out of an airplane by the handful. (This is the type of spending practice that would put a thousand-dollar saddle on a ten-dollar horse.)

But when it comes to people (i.e., me and my neck injury) that's a completely different story; and it's why I'm even writing this review in the first place. Because if you fall into the abyss of misfortune and have to deal with Geico over an injury claim, I'd be very concerned. As this is where the Geico henchmen show their absolute true colors of black, their cloven hooves, their complete and total descent into the dark side - riding an elevator that goes straight down to *** itself - to rake its burning coals; fighting me tooth and nail like rabid attack dogs, savagely hanging onto a teeny-weeny little bone for 16 months (over every little minute detail), and claiming I wasn't really injured that badly the entire time. All the while proving to me, beyond any shadow of doubt, that true evil is a collaboration among men and women. The Prince of Darkness would be proud.

Eventually, my tiny little case went to trial, and that's when the two-faced depravity really heated up, with the Geico henchmen saying whatever was convenient at the time; and this included Geico paying Scottsdale surgeon, Dr. John Bradway, one of the world's most condescending, conceited, and arrogant hot dogs - one that couldn't be covered by all the mustard on planet earth - $2500 to testify against me; merely after reviewing my chiropractor's notes. (That review of the notes, by the way [months earlier], was yet another spare-no-Geico expense, which I believe was $850.) And this courtroom "testimony" included him mocking a person's [i.e., my] constant "cracking" in the neck as "no big deal"; because he has "cracking" in his knees "all the time," and his daughter is "always cracking her neck" and laughing about it. (Never mind that, unlike the bloated M.D., I've taken diligent care of my health since college and my initial pain and subsequent constant neck cracking was caused in a car accident by an inattentive, Geico-insured driver!) This is the quality of testimony that Geico eagerly shells out $3350, like a shark feeding frenzy, to pay; while real people, with real pain and prolonged injuries, get kicked in the teeth. Such things happen when you encounter people who (metaphorically-speaking) break bread with the Devil.

So know that Geico will throw money around like its confetti at a tickertape parade to fix a bumper; for attorney's fees; and for "expert" witnesses grasping at straws, who to try to poke holes in your story. But when it comes to you and your physical pain, you can expect (on the basis of my experience) to deal with Mr. Potter-type people (from "It's a Wonderful Life") that will shave off the puzzle pieces to make them fit; and who will treat you like a Nazi war criminal in the process, just to try to save buck.

In the end, after we had repeatedly offered to settle - starting as early as 16 months prior - Geigo (after forcing me into a jury trial) ended up paying more than our initial offer, AND they were also stuck with all their court, attorney, and "expert" witness fees along the way. What a waste. This company proved, to me, beyond any doubt, that it will crawl through broken glass to fight any battle; take on all comers head-on; and drag you through the darkest, rankest mud ever; just to try defeat you, as if every single injured person is lying about physical complications as a result of an accident. If you have to deal with them (particularly over an injury), be afraid, be very afraid. You'll be dealing with people that will sell their souls on the cheap just to crush you like an ant under their heel, and grind your decimated remains into dust.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Claim.

Reason of review: Extremely harsh treatment after legitimate injury.

Preferred solution: Fair compensation for an injury.

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"... after reviewing my chiropractor's notes."

Well, DUH!

Of course they thought you were scamming them.

Any normal person with a lick of common sense who was 'really' hurt would seek medical attention. Anyone who chooses to just go to a 'chiroquacktor' instead is almost certainly just looking to milk the situation.

to Anonymous #1172876

It's very unfortunate that I am not a "normal person with a lick of common sense." But my lawyer advised me to go to a chiropractor, so I guess that makes both me and my lawyer too *** to think our way out of a telephone booth. Though, since medical bills come out of the settlement, I think a chiropractor might be a little more practical for *** people like me and the lawyer.

Thanks for the personal attack, though.

You're all heart.

to Anonymous Kokomo, Indiana, United States #1210379

I was born with back and neck issues all my life..and chiropractic doctor are basically maintenance. They arent technical next time i would go to emergency room, request mri to see what is really going on because that will tell you way more then chiropractor ever can


I had this happen too. The first thing you do is dont exit the vehicle, dont speak to the other person, and call the cops.

Period. File with he cops, no need to talk to the other person. If you do talk to the other person, then the cops cant file a report. this is true in most states.


Then seek medical treatment. Then geico gets called.

Corpus Christi, Texas, United States #904037

Guessing your had your own attorney. These insurance compa.ies force your hand to hire attorneys.

Good for you and glad your case was victorious.

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