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I was towing a trailer turned on my turn signal and had begun a lane change. Another driver who didnt see my trailer came beside my trailer after I had begun changing lanes.

I saw them and stopped to give them time to back off. The only damage was a minor rubber mark on their door. No dents.

I called Geico to describe the situation and ask how to handle the situation. The other driver had not made a claim at this point.

Geico informed me that because I was changing lanes Geico automatically found me at fault.

They then proceeded to initiate contact with the other driver and asked them their version of what happened.

The other driver told me that she did not see my trailer. But did not admit that to Geico.

The result was that Geico not only provided the other driver with an invitation to make a claim against me, they called her multiple times before she had even filed a claim and then had their own representative authorize a $3000 plus claim against me ($75 in materials $2000 in labor and two weeks of vehicle rental) for what was literally no body damage and a six inch rubber mark on her door that a detail shop could have polished out in an afternoon.

I have gone from having a spotless record to having over a $3k claim against me because geico no only authorized a fraudulent repair bill, but encouraged the other driver to file the claim.

They have refused to provide a copy of the photos or estimate used and have simply stated that their adjuster authorized $2000 of labor.

User's recommendation: Do NOT TRUST GEICO.

Location: Los Angeles, California

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It doesnt matter if she saw your trailer or not. It is your responsibility to make sure the lane you are moving to is clear.

The driver in the lane you are moving into almost always has the right. of way.

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