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I had Geico car insurance & was quite pleased with them until I was in an auto accident (not my fault). I was hit by someone who was very well insured & I did sustain an injury.

Everything went well until it was determined that my injury was more than superficial. Within 3 days Geico had me in to see one of their doctors who proceeded to tell me that my injury was the result of a birth defect & NOT from the auto accident! They then proceeded to cancel my car insurance forcing me to go elsewhere.

They are a ROTTEN company to deal with, & I would advise anyone who has their insurance to go elsewhere.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Auto Insurance.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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I am so upset with Geico, I have been a customer for 6 years. I made payment arrangements I was to pay them ibline, I could'nt get through and so I called them, I am now cancelled and will have to pay $198.00 or $300.00 to reinstate now to get reinsured.

My payment was to be $126.00 (which I had to scrap up and which was the reason for the payment arrangement.

Boy, they got me but never again. Yeah they got my money for 6 years and I never used them!!!!


Thanks to everyone who posted comments, with a special thank you to "Spaceman". I appreciated the feed back.

I ended up having surgery because of the injuries sustained in the MVA (car accident), and as a result now have a permanent disability. It was a harrowing situation, made much worse by a deceitful and avaricious insurance company.


Also note this acieration from a law suit filed in Hawii (Gillan vs. GEICO)

On November 12, 2003, GEICO hired Bruce Hector, M.D., (Dr. Hector) to review Gillan's medical records. In his report, dated December 8, 2003, Dr. Hector opined that Gillan's "current subjective complaints" had likely been caused by "temporal factors such as poor posture or bad sleeping position rather than long-term sequelae consequent to the accident of 12/15/02." Further, he concluded that Gillan "medically probably reached to preinjury status by April 1, 2003." He determined that Gillan should not continue to receive "passive" treatments.

Notice they "hired" a doctor to refute the claim of injury caused by the accident.


The comments from "You got scammed" and "Dressthis", sound like internal GEICO examiners or adjusters. They are a horrible company and they should have their license to sell insurance revoked in every state.

GEICO "suggests" a lot of things to claimants in an attempt to create an envirnoment that delays or denies claims. Be careful when dealing with this very deceitful company.


GEICO nor any other major insurance carrier has medical providers that work with them. They don't own doctors, nor do they reccomend them.

The only time and insurance company will send you to a specific doctor is for an independent medical evaluation, and they only do that if the extremely suspect fraud. If the medical provider told you that they were employees of GEICO and reccomended you come in for treatment sponsored by GEICO, you got had by quack clinic


Eek. I am sorry you were hurt, and I am glad you're alright.

Just an fyi, though...GEICO uses independent medical examiners for their evals...not people who are employed or affiliated in any way with the company. :(

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