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Update by user Apr 03, 2021

No replies from Geico. Wrote a complaint to the Better Business Bureau, they transferred the complaint from the local Washington State office to the Washington DC office.Was contacted by the finance company regarding my insurance coverage on the van.

They have charged me a $600 penalty for lack of insurance.

Geio never wrote me a new quote, did not remove the truck from the policy, Did not add the van and did not send out new insurance cards. Geico didn't do their job, now I get to pay for it.

Original review posted by user Mar 04, 2021

Asked for "Additional Named Insured" paperwork to be sent to my bank, was told they couldn't do it. They put full coverage on the wrong vehicle.

Full coverage on my RV, in storage, and bare minimum on my Dodge Ram 2500 diesel pickup that I drove every day. In Feb this year I sold the truck, replacing it with a small van. Called GEICO to remove the truck; add the van.

Did not receive a new quote, policy or insurance cards. Idiots.

User's recommendation: Don't go here.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

GEICO Pros: Are no pros of this company only cons.

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Update. Just got a call from the finance company regarding my new van.

I'm being assessed a $600 fine for non-coverage. Geico never added the van to my policy, never wrote a new quote or sent out any new cards. My phone calls went unanswered. They didn't do their job.

They left the truck on the policy and continued to deduct my premiums from the bank. Thankfully I changed insurance companies in March.

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