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Customer tried to turn left at a stop light but could not get thru without running into the back of my car.Customer said he was at fault and would pay out of pocket.

I took a picture of his D.L. and Insurance card incase. Customer refused to pay after a few days. Contacted GEICO and after several weeks said they would not pay because we did not have a police report.

Also said the customer will not answer or return GEICO phone calls.Now I will have to sue the customer for all costs for rental car and time off work to get my car fixed as well as car repair to a 2015 Range Rover.

Review about: Geico Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

I didn't like: Too long did not resolve the problem.


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you fell for the "i'll pay out of my own pocket(so my rate won't go up) scam"

prob was gonna pay w/income tax refund too!!!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1310543

You call the police and your insurance ASAP after ANY accident. Get that at fault stuff recorded ASAP.


As a Geico customer, I would be offended if they DID pay.You gotta have some sort of proof.

I don't want my premium going up $5,000 a year because they are dishing out a bunch of money because customers are calling them up and saying, "Yeah, definitely their fault! I have no proof and no police report!

Doesn't matter though!Send me thousands of dollars!"

to off***sumer***ed #1305783

So pictures of the accident both cars damaged.Picture of the customer, DL and insurance card.

Left the seen of the accident.I think I have proof!

to Anonymous #1305900

You have proof of an accident, not whose fault it is.


Cut your losses.Don't waste your time and money suing the other driver.

It's just a he said-she said situ and without a police report the court is not going to rule in your favor. Even if they do, good luck collecting.

The driver will likely be a no show and be in the wind long before your case is ever heard.Next time get a police report.

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