On 6/13/08 I was coming around the back corner of my apartment complex that I live at when a fire truck came racing towards me. I started backing up because it is a very small area, to let them through and accidently backed into a car's rear quarter panel that was parked illegally in a driveway.

Now we have been customers of Geico for 3 years and I am 43 years old and have NEVER been in an accident. We have NEVER filed a claim with Geico.

Anyway, I didn't know who's car it was so I left a note on the car and when I got off work I called Geico to let them know what had happened. I was told that if I didn't hear from them that my insurance would not go up and also that it may not go up because we were long time customers and had never filed a claim before. If it did go up it would more than likely not be alot.

I waited for the people to call, nothing. Then, over the weekend (7/4/08) my husband was looking through our bills for the month and found that Geico had raised our insurance rates about 50.00 a month!

I thought that mabey Geico had got ahold of the people and that they had placed a claim, so I called. Geico told me that they had an open claim for about another week on the accident, no one had contacted them and that the reason that they raised my insurance rates was because I was honest enough to report the accident. So, no money was paid out, no accident was taken care of and they still raised my payments. What a scam!!!!!!!!!!

Needless to say we are looking elsewhere for insurance.

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They told me that using ROADSIDE ASSISTANCE just ONE time for a flat tire (even though I pay for it on my policy) is in-fact a claim and so my rates went up.


in most states like ca for example for any insurance comp to increase your rates state law dictates the insurance comp has something like 30 days or something like that after they sell you policy if they find you did something like lie on your application. Then from what ive been told after that your policy can only be chnged on the renwal date.

also in ca this is a fact i checked up on it. your policy can only be increased if your are at fault and the damagaes are more then $750 or there is an injury. now i know this works. i rear ended this guy who was pretty nice i called geico and they told me all of this.

i didnt belive them so i did some reading on line and found iot was correct. when i spoke to guy i rear ended the damages were something like $1200 so i gave him $500 geico paid him the rest they paid out if i rember corectly 730 or some thing like that. just below the 750 that was a yr ago. my rates did not go up, infact it whent down, i guess they lowerd rates in ca, i dunno what ever the fact is my rates whent down.

so long storry short i think there is something else that this person is saying.

i dunno what , maybe they were sore and told the claims rep that and the next week thier policy renewed. but if they pay nothing your rates wont go up it cant.

ps when i was looking into it i know all states are diffrent but i found rule of thumb. if you want to know if your rates can go up here is way you can find out. your state has a law saying you have to report an accident to the dmv if there are certian things ie inj dmgs more then a 750 like in ca.

then your rates will be increased, if not then they wont. o and everystats ive found you have to be atfault too i hope this helps


Agent, you are wrong. I reported a very minor claim and my bill has automatically gone up $25, effective immediately.

Their website said when I put in the claim that I'd here from them in 24 hours.

I only received a letter asking me the same questions as the online claim form. My calls to the assigned adjuster have not been returned.

It is October and my renewal isn't until January - which is exactly when I'll be shopping for new insurance.

Szekszard, Tolna, Hungary #26295

Uh, your policy would not have gone up that quick. Tickets, accidents, etc.

are only added on the policy renewal date. Likewise, they are removed on a policy renewal date.

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