I have been a Geico customer for over 6 years and recently traded in my 2007 FJ cruiser for a 2007 Trail Teams Fj Cruiser with aftermarket bumpers and a scarey winch. After switching over my insurance and telling them about the add ons I received a call about 3 weeks later where I was told since it was an "offroad vehicle" they were canceling my insurance even though it was the same year, same drivers.

(No accidents or tickets ever) and same usage because we were going offroading. I laughed and told them I live in a small town in the desert I have to drive offroad to get to my house. And then they said don't cancel your homeowners insurance we can still give you great discounts.

Good bye chicken _______ hello any other company. They wouldn't even call me back either what a bunch of turds.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Homeowners Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Location: Farmington, New Mexico

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I have a car with 80,000 miles on it. I hit a herd of deer.

Geico said my value was 19,200 while every car appraisal site said 13,000 to 15000. There was 11,640 in damage on my car and they did not total the car. Now car fax will show that I had extensive damage in the amount of 11640 and I will be stuck with a car I can't trade or sell. Thank you Geico!

Your cheap auto insurance surely showed. In Kentucky you 75% before they total it. So to remedy this, they use cheap aftermarket parts and find the most unreasonable / bloated prices they can find to keep from totaling it. Steer clear and just pay a few dollars more per month for Allstate or StateFarm.

Even though KY code says 75 percent, as a former adjuster they will total a car at 65 to 68%.

My first adjuster at Geico was rude so I had my car moved and my second was at least willing to explain how and where I am getting screwed with Geico.


So you want geico to insure a truck with a wench so your *** can total your car kill two people and cause property damage and have the insurance company to fall back on. You don't have a car with that on there just for show purposes and if you do you are an even bigger ***.


WTF does having a winch have to do with totaling a car? You are a ***....

I guess if you have a jack in your car, you plan on driving like an *** and blowing a tire. BTW I also just got dropped by GEICO because of the winch on my Jeep. Even when I told them I would take it off, they said that didnt matter as I could just put it back on.

So even owning a winch not on your vehicle can disqualify you. Ive had insurance with them for over 6 years also and this is how they repay you for being a good customer.

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