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WARNING, READ THIS and I AM OPEN TO ADVICE!! Where do I begin? On February 8th of 2014 I was involved in a car crash with a Geico client. She did not stop as she was pulling out of her driveway on a highway that has a speed limit of 60 MPH. I was driving NB and she was pulling on to the road going NB. This is a 4 lane high way which means two lanes go in one direction at a time. As she pulled out in front of me I made a split second decision to get into the left lane barely missing her back bumper. Despite my defensive, swift driving, she continues to merge into the left lane with me forcing me into the median where I hit a pole. Keep in mind she had a child in a car restraint in the back of her vehicle. She got a citation for failure to maintain proper lane, although she could have been written for at least 3 more tickets. Here’s where it all goes down hill. I submitted a claim with Geico. Within the first 24 hours, Matthew Chandler, calls me with information regarding the claim. He states, that he has found that his client is only 75 percent at fault. I ask him how? He immediately ask me if my insurance company is going to take care of it. Followed by, putting words in my mouth by saying “so you accept our offer?” Our first conversation is where I realized that Geico insurance plays dirty and are very very rude towards humans in general. Matthew had and still has no sense of what customer service is like. I denied his offer. So we fought back and forth for a couple of weeks. I asked in an email how I was still 75 percent at fault. He writes to me that his client said she pulled out on to the road and ESTABLISHED HER lane. She saw me coming up from behind her and then saw me get over and lose control of my vehicle forcing myself into the median. Well at 21 years old, as previous law enforcement, and a student getting a degree in Pharmacy, I know myself that if that were the case, she would not have gotten a citation at all. On top of that, Geico would not be liable for any damages that happened. So how does someone who established her lane get a ticket for failure to maintain proper lane? Lets keep in mind, the ticket was written off her statement to the police officer. I challenged this story as well with Matthew’s so called boss, Joel. To be honest, I think Joel is fictional because every time I call to speak to Joel, Matthew answers or returns Joel’s phone call. Matthew plays the role of an insurance adjuster, and a secretary all while being rude and degrading towards myself. I get denied any review that I have called in or emailed. I repeat I am 21 years old with a full time job and I am a full time student, I cannot afford to pay for the damages that have happened to my car. My insurance company requires a $1000 deductible. All I want is for Geico to pay for my vehicle, and all along the way I have been belittled, disrespected, and lied to with every phone call or email exchanged between Geico and I, in the last couple of months. Geico is also only offering to pay $1800 for the damages with their quote. My car is a lease and requires to be fixed at the dealership, the dealership quoted me a cost of nearly $4000. Which would mean that more money needs to be spent. All I want is my 2013 car to be fixed by Geico because I believe it is 100% of their client’s fault. I attempted to avoid the crash one time before she made another bad decision. If anything, I deserve a pat on the back for being a good driver. I told Matthew Chandler he should thank me for not hitting his client going 60 MPH because I could have killed her, her child, and myself. The only thing that I have done in my favor is to get 3 of my friends who are still under 25 to cancel their insurance policies with Geico. Average $200 a person per month, and that is equal to $7200 a year that Geico will lose because of this one claim. What really irks me is the POOR customer service that Geico has given me. And once again, the way they talk to me. Lastly, What does someone like me do from here on out besides preach to everyone of my last friends and people I come in contact with to cancel their insurance policy with this company? All I need is for my car to be paid for and fixed. It has been close to 2 months and I am still out of a car. I need help, and advice. If you cannot help, please take this into consideration when finding a new insurance company. Geico is not the way to go. I have Statefarm and they company has treated me great. I would rate Geico at a negative if it were possible. Think about if Geico was doing this to your kids or your grandchildren. Nobody deserves to go through this especially when they are not at fault.

If you have seen this before, it is probably because I have posted on at least 10 websites.

I am tired of the poor customer service, the lying, the disparaging comments, and the impolite tones I have received from Geico.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I am going through the exact same thing right now. As I was turning left at a green light someone came flying through a red light and as I slammed on my breaks to try to avoid a crash I struck them on their passenger side.

Geico 'investigated' the incident and called me telling me the person who ran the red light was 100% at fault. The next day, however, they called me back to tell me that after reviewing the pictures they changed their minds and wanted to hold me 50% liable due to the fact that my car hit their car. They said that the at-fault car was ESTABLISHED in their lane and I should have avoided the accident. What they neglect to understand is that my attempts in avoiding the accident were the reason for where the point of collision occurred!

Had I not attempted to avoid the accident I would have been struck on my drivers side door!!! There is a police report AND a third party witness statement CLEARLY stating that the other car ran a red light causing the accident! I am in utter disbelief that they are trying to name me at fault WHAT SO EVER!!

I refuse to accept their decision and I will fight to get what is right. Geicos customer service is AWFUL.


Yeah try 'Snake Farm' for a while. See what you get.


Believe me when i state"State Farm"Is know better than "Geico".In the long run you will see.You have been given fair warning.

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