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Geico - Dumb rude idiots hired in their claim department 2 of 2 people found it helpful
Bad thing - She has GEICO as her insurance. So, the GEICO adjuster, Patrick*** concludes (cant give it to me in writing) that I could have avoided the accident (perhaps by telepathically telling the other driver to wait for a green light). Patrick says that GEICO will be responsible for only 60%. I now have to file a claim against my own insurance to fight with GEICO which means my rates can go up of course. I am amazed at how many crappy...
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I am a long term Geico Car insurance customer. I had my first claim Friday and am extremely disappointed with your service. First, I needed a rental car since my car is not operable. They could not get me one until Monday (and that was after having to make a half dozen calls and spending an hour on the phone). Next the damaged car needed to be picked up. After about 45 minutes on the phone with Geico staff Saturday I was told I needed to call...
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I didn't like
  • Claims service
I filed a claim with geico and everything went well however, once it came time to get my payment for my car which was a total loss the issues begun. Its been over a month now and the issue has still not been resolved every time i call i get passed off from one department to another and no one seems to know how to solve my issue. Geico claims they already deposited the settlement in my account however thats not the case, the agents have spoken...
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Geico is so fake they don't care bout there coustmers, always going up monthly. I was in a car wreck in January of 2016, it wasnt my fault i was hit by another car. My vehicle was a total loss. Geico told me to go after the other party insurance which was a total loss, know help. So then i had to file on mine which i had to pay 1001 deductible out of my pocket to get money for my vehicle. Which they only gave me 2000 for a 2014 paid off 8000...
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As I currently had no auto insurance, my sales person got me a great monthly rate from Geiko. Had a small backup tap accident with a neighbor across the street. Couldnt reach a Geico claim.rep and was very upset. The other car had a repairable rear fender dent and teached his insurance Progressive and made the claim.against me, but he never saw me either. Geico dont care and he even made the damage worse whatever he did, and got a check for...
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A civil class action lawsuit against GEICO is long overdue. You better get a dash cam because when you get hit by a GEICO customer it doesn't matter what you do because GEICO LOVES CRIME. Even if the other driver assaults you with their vehicle and nearly kills you, doesn't matter it is your fault. Hit and run? Your fault. Other driver drunk? Your fault. Other driver speeding or breaking traffic laws? Your fault. And don't kid yourself if you...
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I liked
  • Nearly 20 years i was with them
I didn't like
  • How i was treated for proving them wrong
  • Customer service competency
  • Deceptive practices
Called Geico to get a referral number only to be informed that they would send us a form and then an inspector would come out and AFTER all this we could get it repaired. Our experience was embarrassing, demeaning, time consuming and left us feeling as we were being treated like a child. I am over 50 and never have dealt with this of course I never had Geico insurance. Definitely not the company for us. Paid for the repairs out of pocket. NOW...
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Had a really bad experience with geico auto damage estimator. He is very rude and he does not want to listen to me, I had an appointment for estimate on 08/15/2016, The guy who did the estimate his name is Kyle Hughes, and the estimate was done at calliber collision, alpha road , Dallas.. he checked the vehicle for couple of minutes, and didn't say anything to me and went and wrote a estimate, when I mentioned that the engine cover under the...
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I wanted to ask how the claims process works before filing a claim.No other car was involved, just skidded. Since I can't afford a new car I simply wanted to know, if they decide my car is not worth fixing and declare it totalled, can I still choose to have it fixed, out of pocket or with their totalled payment, and still be able to insure it. the agent refused to even answer in a basic way until I filed an actual report.They basically have this...
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My car was towed to an auto dealer collision shop. We received a rental car right away and we were able to drive the 90 miles to our home. At the time we left the damaged car it was on a flatbed truck and we were not able to get anything out of the car. The important items were the garage door opener, $400+ in asthma medicine, my handicapped license plates and the electric lift for my wheelchair. The next day the Geico insurance adjuster...
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I didn't like
  • Insipid radio ads