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Geico - Dumb rude idiots hired in their claim department 2 of 2 people found it helpful
Called geico, didn't even think damage worth filing a claim on. My car was fine and other car geico paid about $500. But..... Geico said since it happened at my own home, there would be no deductible so yes file the claim. Now.... Tripled my rates!!!! And lied now calling it a collision at my fault so I now have a collision on my record!!!! I fully expected to pay my deductible when I called them..... They said file claim, no deductible since...
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On April 12th my vehicle was stolen in Columbus Ohio, reported it right away, within 2 days the police located it and when I went to Columbus to review the condition of the vehicle per the insurance adjusters advice which included letting them know if I felt it was drivable or not, when I looked at it I found the column stripped, the battery gone and the catalytic converter gone, told them as much and they agreed to have it moved to an adjusters...
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I didn't like
  • Denial of claims
  • Incompetent adjusters
two weeks after accident and after talking to them over ten times still these morons can not handle a simple car rental claim.worst ever insurance company to deal with in texas, where it needs to be kicked out but i think they take care of insurance board members which allows them to rip off the consumers in texas, and employ every tactic multiplied by their stupidity to delay a simple claim. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY WHICH IS ONLY GOOD FOR...
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I didn't like
  • Uncaring
  • Inability to resolve issues
  • No professionalizm
After being with Geico for over a decade and not filing a single claim I had a minor accident. No damage to my vehicle and a crack (4incjes) on bumper of other vehicle. Everyone was fine. The other party disclosed she had been hit in the same place and way 2 times recently. A week later I'm told that I have great coverage and there are 2 claims against me for bodily injury and collision. I am disputing it. Then my policy renewed and my rate...
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Two months later on 4/25/16 I received a letter in the mail from Karla Favors- Geico adjuster (478) 744-5637 saying my claim was not going to be paid for because they couldn't find proof of the date. What more proof could they need from a police report? Geico than got a special investigator involved Eric Long (810)701-2778 who required me to give bank statements, phone records, police records, proof of employment all because I wanted my car...
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I was rear ended by a driver insured through Geico. Deemed 100% fault on their part. My car repair situation was settled within a week. I was injured due to this accident, and more than a year later I am still fighting to get my treatment bills paid. The adjustor i've been dealing with has done nothing but lie through his teeth since day one. Telling me things that are totally untrue so he can gain an advantage. These people are all criminals...
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