I own 2 vehicles that were in accidents within the last 18 months. One a 2009 Corvette Z06 and 2011Jetta TDI.

First the Z06, I was side swiped and the other driver admitted fault. State farm offered 750.00 to fix about 2500.00 in damage. I went to my Insurance Co. Geico to handle the claim.

I got the car fixed, got my deductible reimbursed, and thought all was good. That is until I found out about DIMINSHED VALUE COVERAGE. This coverage is mandatory in the state of GA. The insurance company GEICO, in this case has their adjusters make a passing reference to diminished value when processing a claim.

The problem is NO money is added to the claim amount to compensate for this. My Corvette went down in value about 5000.00 as a result of the accident. I cant recover this loss and at the same time be honest with a potential buyer if I decide to sell the car. Well that is what DIMINISHED VALUE COVERAGE is for.

I contacted GEICO about this and was offered 500.00. I explained my position on the value of the car and they came back with 1500.00. I again complained about the amount offered and had to pay an appraiser to appraise my car and then negotiate on my behalf to get a fair settlement. This took 5 times to complete with GEICO before they agreed to 2500.00.

I feel that this fairly compensates me for the loss incurred since they paid the repair bill of about 2500.00. My issue is not with the final amount but in the way it was handled by Geico. I am pursuing a formal complaint with the insurance commissioners office concerning this. The same thing happened with our Jetta.

The initial offer was zero, the first query got about 700.00, the next query got about 1050.00, final and accepted query I was offered 1500.00. This is just wrong. If I had been offered a fair settlement at the time of appraisal I would have been happy to accept it, but NO, I had to jump through some hoops, but it worked, I am now 4000.00 to the good.

So the bottom line is Geico SUCKS OUT LOUD. Be careful and follow up as I did and you can get something out of it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Claim.

Monetary Loss: $7000.

Location: Savannah, Georgia

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It seems impossible to find the right address to even get the process started with Gieco. Any suggestions?


Excellent discussion - Just to add my thoughts , if your business is searching for a GEICO C-258 , my company filled out a template version here https://goo.gl/ytNXdt


the suck and then some.

I will be dropping them very very soon.


do not work for farmers biggest waste of every ones time


I am currently having the same problem with Geico I have a 2011 GMC that was rear-ended causing frame damage Geico is offering me 3500 diminished value between nada clean trade in and my appraisal is $6,900 difference. Geico is holding firm on their $3,500 requiring me to do more investigating and possibly filing a lawsuit


This could be an unfortunate circumstance and also frustrations loom. But like any good deed, you must persist and follow your heart with knowledge and dot every "I" and cross every "T."

Insurance companies don't appease their shareholders on Wall St.

by paying claims, in fact the position of Deny, Delay and Defend is what causes the "attrition" process to create a general malaise in the consumer or victimized party. If you are a lamb then you will be slaughtered, if you are strong and you have the right kind of help you will get what you deserve. I agree with you point that companies that charge premium's should pay when their time is due. Hiring an expert automotive mediator is one step in the right direction and they can facilitate in you getting your claim successfully handled.

The operative word there in "expert." If you have somebody only interested in a short fee based algorithm to churn their business, that wont ever fulfill your needs.

Partly in your case proving your Diminished Value would be the biggest obstacle. A qualified recognized auto mediator professional will be able to provide an accurate assessment of the diminished value and prove an excellent source to recoup your loss. TheAutoMediator.com is a qualified auto expert with over 20 years in the business and in the largest auto market in the world.

He answers all your questions and only takes your case if he can help you. I would suggest finding the best help possible when it comes to the second biggest investments in your life.


I had the same thing happen with my diminished value claim except that I had to obtain two independent appraisals because GEICO rejected the first one saying that it was done by using a formula that they disputed. I hired a company from Fort Pierce, FL called The St.

Lucie Appraisal Company that prepared a diminished value report based on six dealer quotes from Lexus dealers in and around Atlanta. The insurance adjuster consulted with their attorneys who apparently advised her to settle for the full amount.

My advice to anyone with a diminished value problem is to keep fighting or you'll probably wind up with nothing or maybe a few hundred dollars. Our settlement was A LOT MORE THAN THAT!

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