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My wife was rear ended on the I-270 about a month ago, and the person who hit her flat out said it was his fault. His insurance was Geico. I personally don't have Geico insurance, and after my experience with them trying to fix my car, I wouldn't switch at all.

Please note, my expectations were this. The insurance that you must have by law would serve its purpose.

The first check I received was at my residence of what they thought the amount of damage was. I took it to the body shop, and of course their estimate was different after an expert took a look. My first problem was getting them to take the advise of the body shop. I have no clue what a radiator mount is, but the body shop wanted to put on a brand new one for safety reasons. The body shop told me every time I went to check on my car that Geico wasn't talking with them at all and asked me to call and make inquiries. I seemed to get the same results. First they put in a crappy automated phone system whose voice recognition software doesn't work. Then you get a answering machine cause the department you want to talk to is talking to someone else. Press one if you want a real person, and it reverts to an answering machine.

Finally when I got a actual person it was, "Geico only uses used certified parts, no matter if it is a risk to your wife or kid." Not exactly like that. However the "Used certified parts..." was reiterated like a broken record and "SAFETY ISSUE" was what the expert said. I go to school full time and work nights. It would be kind of nice to know that my family is safe while I'm handling my business. I would also like to say the radiator mount was the only new part the body shop requested. So from a simplistic point of view, it wasn't anyone's intent to waste money. I have a 2007 Huyndai Elantra. It is impossible to expect new.

Geico never specifically said I "could" get a rental car while my car was getting fixed. I never assumed, and it wasn't a week later that I attempted to do so. Keep in mind I am busy, and sometimes I don't get home until 1 AM. So Geico "saved" money by me being cautious. Enterprise hasn't yet sent me a bill for the rental so maybe I am in the clear.

The last problem was this. I'll even flat out say where I went "wrong" first. The first check I received was pretty much forgotten until I went to pick up my car. I'm tired pretty much most of the time. The body shop gave it back to me. I needed to hunt it down, and basically I put the check into my account, and wrote the body shop a check for $2075.16. Geico put a stop payment on the check, and said they wrote a new one to the body shop. This was as of 30th April 2015. I'm writing this review on the 13th of April. I did receive a call from Geico, but they never said they stopped the check they kept on mumbling about the body shop and took forever to really say anything. I hung up well because I was tired. I have nothing but disdain for Geico and pretty much tired of the whole experience. I'll pretty much say, I was to angry I was no longer professional. I was saying things like, "If murder was legal, you'd be dead by now." and some other colorful metaphors. Geico is good at making a mountain out of a molehill. I do not regret getting angry cause the bottom line is they still need to pay the body shop. My next course of action is to check into small claims court or look into an attorney. I shouldn't need to kiss someones *** to get them to do a job they are supposed to do. Now my finances are in disarray just because I was tired listening to irrelevant ***. The most important words would be "I'm going to stop the check.." But apparently I didn't give them a chance to say they would. You're right it has to be my fault.

I uploaded copy of the check, I deposited via my phone's app. I hope the words "STOP PAYMENT" are enough to prove the validity of my review. I really hope people would stop using Geico. 15 minutes doesn't really save you anything. Maybe their ad should say something about actually having to use the insurance. I really wish this company would go bankrupt. Sorry to the people who actually work their or do they?

Well school is starting soon. For those who feel my pain wish me luck in getting my $2075.16 back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2075.

Preferred solution: Quit taking so long to solve a simple problem, and pay the body shop so I can get me $2075.16 back.

I didn't like: I hope they die.

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Wow, I now think Michiganders are lucky as they won’t provide anyone with a MI zipcode a quote. I thought this was awful until I read your experience.

Only thing I don’t get is why or how you deposited the check. Wasn’t it made out to the Body Shop?

to TanaLV #1498826

Not necessarily Tanya, and I feel as though the responses here are typical of a Geico agent. I was given a $5000.00 USD check for storage charges accumulated after a motorcycle accident by USAA, which is Progressive. You will never be able to provide that kind of customer service...Ever!


Maybe I missed something here, but I'm fairly certain that insurance companies don't pay out claims based on what they think it will cost. They have an adjuster go out to either your residence or the body shop and adjust the loss.

EVERY insurance company uses certified after-market parts. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

The only exception is if you have an OEM endorsement on your policy-and if your policy is paying. If you sent a check to the body shop and Geico sent a check to the body shop, you shouldn't be looking for money from Geico-you need to get your money back from the body shop...they're the ones that got paid twice.


Kind of curious to why you are slandering my wife? Kind of curious to see if you work for Geico.

What are your words accomplishing? At least if you are slandering my wife, have enough guts to say who you are. Don't worry I have no intention of hunting you down.

I just guess it is ironic that the only person who is commenting on my post is a punk with the intelligence level of a baboon.

Do something.

Stand up for Geico or stand with me. I guess it is the penance I pay for trying to help other people.


Uh and this means what? I had the car before I had her, and is there a small sense of sexual innuendo here?

I could care less who pokes my wife.

I care more about the $2075.16.

Makes me wonder if posting this would serve any purpose.

Just so no one else feels my pain, I suggest if you need Geico to fix anything take your vehicle to the body shop and have it assessed there. You may need a lawyer too just to deal with all the red tape.

to Anonymous Berlin, Maryland, United States #1083134

Do you honestly feel that your letter of distain for GEICO will influence their operation?? Firstly you must realize that insurance companies are NOT YOUR FRIEND!!!!

They actually are betting you that you will not have an accident and you in your naivety are betting them that you are! They actually have you by your gonads because of the pages and pages of "We do not cover. . .

. . .

" written in that thick document that you agreed to when you sent them your first premium, Lots of luck loser!

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