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I was hit by a pick up truck which ran completely over the top of my corvette. The truck kept going,but luckily a police officer was close and saw the entire event!

The driver of the truck denied hitting me!The truck was driving in the turn lane to get passed standing traffic as if it was the roadway. Im sitting cross the turn lane awaiting opening to get on the road going in the opposite direction.Contacted driver insurance and they stated,"their insured was NOT in an accident and was NOT in the state of La.at any time! I contacted Geico,and informed them of the situation,Geico said I was at fault,and responsible for the deductible to repair my car!I supplied geico with police report,and they reversed the fault to the other driver,but when I reminded them that would clear me of paying the deductible, they reversed fault back to me?? TRUE STORY!Or go through other guys insurance to have my car repaired.

Though I supplied other insured insurance copy of police report proving that their insured lied about everything,they did NOTHING! I appealed to Geico to stand with me,and aid me in getting this settled,it fell of deaf ears.The EBCM was damaged in the wreck on my car,"The Chevrolet dealer stated that the accident caused it to NOT work,Geico refused to cover that $2000.00 part!Brought it to their guaranteed repair shop (Champs),BUT! Geico adjuster (Mike Ducote)stated, "I recommend you take this corvette to the dealer,because this shop will never get a corvette lined up". I asked,which dealership he thinks is the best at repairing corvettes,and he said, Lesson!Which was extremely out of my way,but I respected his choice,and endured the travel.Mind you my car ONLY comes out on the weekend,and my carpet still has the plastic from the factory on it!Yet,when I went to pick up my car the carpet was torn on the side between the driver seat and the door.They had to remove my seat to repair damage to it,from the impact!

I pointed this out to the management and to Geico adjuster.and their exact words were "We didn't do that". I pointed out the facts about the plastic covering and how new and clean my carpet is,it was if I was talking to a wall,and now Ducote's supervisor Rick "_____"? is involved,and he was as useless as a flat spare tire,when you're onside the road in the dead of night with a flat tire on the car!I was given Ricks' supervisor,his name is Darryl,could care less!Before he would hear me out,and maybe research what I've told him,he sided with Rick! I requested his superior's name,he out right refused to give it to me,told me to SUIT THEM!I'm presently trying to reach management in corporate office,NO SUCH animal!#2 My car was hit in the parking lot,brought it to bodyshop of my choosing,(Fradellas) in Slidell.La.70460.

Manager name is James Serpas,this is a large reputable body shop.They began the repair,and saw where the paint was "burning",which was the work of Lesson Chevrolet,the shop Mike Ducote suggested I go to. Well.I report this to Rick,and he replied,"that's NOT one of our guarantee repair shops".I replied,"Mike Ducote advised me to take my car away from Champs(guaranteed repair)to Lesson.for him to direct me away from one Guaranteed,I was sure it was to another"! "Well,I have no record of him telling you that"!My paper work reflects estimate was done at champs,and then car was towed to Lesson",I replied. "Do you have that on tape"Rick replied.

Luckily for me, Lesson owned up to the faulty paint job and paid Fradellas to correct their flawed workmanship.Well,after Fradellas put fender and headlight lid on,the headlight no longer operates correctly!? Driverside headlight comes up,goes down,but comes back UP,even though power is off!!Dealing with a new adjuster named,(MIKE)!He's stationed in slidell,he refuses to pay for the repair,stating "Corvettes and Firebirds have a history with those headlights breaking". I replied,"my lights were working fine prior to my car being hit".He asked where did I get this estimate,and that he would go half on it,and that's the best he's willing to do"!I stated,you promise to meet with the manager at Fradellas,but NEVER show!You tell him,that you are going to contact me!,but DON'T!I'm lost at why you want to talk to me,when James is the manager and the person you've been dealing with? Needless to say I've NOT received anything that resembles a payment from Mike/Geico!This is the ordeal I've put up with dealing with Geico!I now realize the $200.00 cheaper premium than liberty Mutual,is NOT REMOTELY worth it!Geico beating me out of over $5000.00 between two claims and NEITHER were my fault!!!!Short of finding new ins co,their is NO ONE holding geico accountable,nor their agents!Every person I've mentioned works in the greater Metro New Orleans area!Darryl ph#(504)909-****.Mike Ducote ph#(504)473-****,Mike2-phone#(504)388****.

It's late and can't locate Ricks' number at the moment.

I'm sure I've supplied enough personal info,that it must prove I'm telling the truth! No more Geico ripping me off!!

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

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No offense there guy, but do you live under a rock? Regardless of who is at fault for an accident the deductible is due.

No matter what. If you are not at fault the negligent party's insurance is in most cases obligated to reimburse that deductible. And just because an insurance company looks out for you by telling you to repair your car at a dealership, doesn't mean they are responsible for the dealers mistakes. GEICO sells insurance, and they pay to repair your car.

That is it. Grow up.

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