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I had a very bad experience with geico ins. I was render ended as I was out on my anniversary week end , causing me to have upper back pains then and still having them , the pain was running from back down left arm, but I was told I was not hit hard enough to hurt my back , again I was told I was not hit hard enough to be hurt, if you weren't in the car with me how do you know that, I was stuck with paying doctor and therapy bills. It was not my...
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I was rear ended in the freeway by a Geico customer, the claim has been moved from different adjusters without a resolution. Kevin Kramer, Geico's Adjuster does not think Geico is responsible for paying for loss wages. He keeps coming up with excuses as to why they are not responsible, even though there customer was found at guilt for the accident, and there are medical progress notes with dates and times of the follow up appointments...
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Here it is 11 months later my medical bills haven't been paid, my lost wages hasn't been replaced for time off work. I have nerve damage and arthritis in my right hand so bad that I am having to take medication to relieve the pain just so that I can work. Gecio only wants to offer a crappy offer to settle my case. It's not my fault that the guy that's insured with gecio fell asleep at the wheel and hit me. The guy admitted to fault to the...
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JeepSux Geico does not have to pay you as you are not a customer of Geico


Anonymous I wish you would learn how to spell Geico.

Worst auto insurance company! My daughter was a passenger in an accident and took a trip to the ER TWO YEARS AGO!!! Geico never paid the medical claim and I am now in collections and my credit is affected and I wasn't even in the car!! They have refused to handle this claim for years! Don't waste your money here. They are only concerned about the money they collect for premiums. They go silent when they have to pay out. .
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To top off all the stress and anxiety and time wasted, Geico left me with a $3200 doctor bill. I've tried for two month to get the new claim rep to do the right thing, but to avail. They're going to force me to sue them over $3200. Luckily in Oregon I can sue them for the $3200 plus lawyer fees and all past premium payments since they failed to protect me when it really mattered. I think the total will be about $12,000. Its a classic...
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