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My father passed away in March of this year & one of the things he left me was his Dodge Charger that he absolutely loved. When I took over the car, it needed a lot of help. So after $5500 later, the car now looks like something my father would have been proud of. So, in early July I noticed 3 chips in the windshield & I called Geico about my glass coverage. I am told to schedule my repairs through Safelite & they will pay for it. I always see the Safelite commercials about them repairing these kinds of damage.

I scheduled Safelite through Geico to come out to "repair" my windshield. They arrive on time & begin work. Next thing I know, they are in the middle of pulling the extinguishing windshield out which only had 3 small chips in it & are about to install a new windshield. I had specifically said to both Geico & Safelite that it only needed to be repaired, not replaced. The new windshield is also sub par compared to the original as well.

Upon completion, I noticed they left a lot of resin on both front fenders near the windshield & all along the new windshield, as well as resin inside my interior. I had a hard time cleaning up the resin on the exterior of the car. I STILL can't get the resin out of my interior. After finally cleaning the exterior of my car, I notice that they left scratches on both front fenders. I had just gotten this car painted 3 months prior & now it's ruined.

I then called Geico to complain & all they would do is transfer me over to Safelite who then told me I would have to take my car down to the local shop for the shop manager to inspect. I arrive at the local shop & wait about 10 mins for the rude receptionist to get off of the phone to help me. Meanwhile the even ruder shop manager who was sitting directly behind her would not get up to even look at me. He was way too busy talking with with one of his friends to even do his job. She finally finished her call & had the manager come out to inspect my car. He would not take any responsibility & proceeded to start an argument over how his guys could not have caused this damage & that he was only willing to buff the damage out. The scratches go down to the metal. You can’t buff that out. This now has to be repainted. I’m already fuming at this point, I don’t need this guy to get me anymore angry than I already am.

I then call Geico again to get them on this because I’m not paying for damage done to my car when it was their recommendation to have Safelite replace my windshield when it only needed to be replaced. I am told that they will contact Safelite, set up compensation & call me back within 24 hours. I never hear back from Geico. I contact Safelite again & talk to Steve Moreo with their Executive Service Team who also tells me that he will be in touch with me by the next morning. I never hear back from him. I contact Safelite yet again the next day, this time through Facebook. The person I am now put in touch with, Sarah Powers (also with their Executive Service Team) tells me that she was told that I had refused their offer to have my car repainted. I NEVER said that. I had told them that it needed to be repainted. She then tells me that I would have to bring my car to one of their body shops to see if they feel the scratches can be buffed out. I refuse to bring my car to any place connected to Safelite. I worked in the autobody field before & I know what kind of damage is there. I then threaten legal action & get an estimate from a body shop that I trust. It’s funny, the only way I was ever able to get anything accomplished with these crooks was through Facebook & with my attorney contacting them.

I now have to be without a car for 2 days while the damage they caused is being repaired. I am so livid at Geico & Safelite. This experience with both companies has opened opened up wounds while dealing with my father’s death. It has left me livid & hurt & this shouldn't have been something that I should have had to deal with in this troubling time.

I will be dropping my Geico coverage as soon as the repairs to my vehicle are completed.

Monetary Loss: $460.

Location: Bethpage, New York

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