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I contacted Geico on July 25th 2012 to cancel for a renewal date of 8/20/2012.I noticed a hold was placed on my account on 8/20.

I was told the hold would be released and it wasn't. I was told on 8/21 that it would take 3 weeks to receive a check in the mail instead of crediting my account. I contacted my bank and I was told they've had similar cases and the money was credited. DO NOT PURCHASE INSURANCE WITH GEICO!!!!!!!

they discriminate against clients.Anyone encounter this problem in the past?

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Leadville, Colorado, United States #1228746

I switched from Geico auto insurance to another insurance carrier and they told me I had a refund coming , well it'd been 6 months and no refund .

Dilworth, Minnesota, United States #588899

We called geico to cancel the policy and the rep kept asking what rates we have been offered by the insurance company that we decided to go with instead of geico.What made me angry is that they added a 6 year mechanical coverage on a brand new vehicle that already came with a factory warranty + the rep asking about the new rates that we were able to get, so unprofessional.

Just do what we asked you to do: Cancel the *** policy.

Period!Not happy with geico, we don't know when we are going to get our money back and by reading the previous comments I don't think it will happen soon.


Not defending Geico, but it's exceedingly normal, across multiple industries, for refunds to take several weeks.

You also need to look up the definition of 'discriminate'.


I cancelled my insurance with Geico and they continued to take premiums from my account.When I called their customer service they had me send proof of insurance for when I started with Progressive.

I did this. I got an email promptly saying they would refund my money minus the dollar billing fee. I will be fighting this with the dispute resolution from my bank to get that money back. I didn't authorize Geico to continue to take out premiums and should not be charged there processing/billing fee.

This is obsurd!

I'm sure they will take their time refunding my money....it seems that when its to their advantage they're prompt in taking....

to crystaldiff #663837

Anyone who is with geico should go to www.consumerunited.com.They saved me $270 a month.

I just bought a new policy from progressive and am currently insured with Geico. I have paid for 3 months of my sixth month policy with geico and my new policy from progressive is effective next week. I am going to cancel my policy with geico on that day. My reason for doing this is because I was paying 420 dollars a month to keep my car on the road.

Progressive is charging me 150 a month. Insurance companies are misleading their customers and charging them way too much. I personally am going to write a letter to my congressman and see if there is anything at all that can be done. If enough people get involved we all can do something about this highway-robbery and outright lies from insurance companies like geico.

To *** with that *** lizard I hope everyone drops them just like I did.:(


I just Has the same problem they won't refill my money back.At first they say 7 to 10 business day.

Now I have to wait for another 10 business day to get my money back.....

pls don't ever pu rchase geico ......:( evil insurance.

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