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I was driving west bound in Chicago when I was struck from a careless driver who seems to have lost control of his motorcycle. He struck my vehicle from the rear driver side. I asked if he was ok and we both exchanged information.

I went straight to the police station and filed a report and called the other drivers insurance company, which was Geico.

I gave my statement, and the next day Geico calls and says they will not pay to repair my car because he said the accident happend in a different location!!!!

Geico is such a scam, I have contacted my insurance company and a lawyer to take care of this case. I cannot believe they can deny a claim where the damages on our vehicles clearly show he is at fault. The bike was damaged from the front and my car from the rear.

Never do business with Geico.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Claim.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #867458

GEICO like all insurance companies are not in business to pay claims.They are in business to make money and paying claims that can be avoided is not what they do. They really are not there to protect you or help you if they can avoid it .

At best any relationship with an insurance company is adversarial in nature .

Fortunately, a majority of legitamate claims are paid . If for some reason they get the idea that a claim is suspicious all bet are off .

Libertyville, Illinois, United States #796688

Good photos! Unfortunately a photo doesn't tell the whole story.

I could make a case for either party being at fault just based on your photos.

Next time (hopefully there won't be a next time) but if so, take down the names of witnesses and call the police from the scene.

Harvest, Alabama, United States #743650

I don't know what the location has to do with your claim, but your photos show a different story. You wrote that photos 1 and 2 show you were struck on the "rear" drivers side.

Photo number 3 shows some sort of contact on the left corner, but can you prove he lost control and hit your car OR did you drift into his path and hit him? These photos show you were struck on the drivers (left side) of the vehicle which could have mean the motorcycle lost control and struck you twice OR you could have drifted into the path of the motorcycle causing the motorcycle operator to lose control and hit your vehicle? The damage is NOT directly to the rear (bumper/tail light/trunk/etc) part of your car.

It's on the left rear CORNER and left SIDE of the car. Do you have any independent witnesses to verify your side of the story?

to Anonymous Chicago, Illinois, United States #743653

Plenty of people saw the accident as well as the other driver who looked like he was under the influence of something. I took no numbers because I thought he was clearly at fault. The motorcycle driver didn't even want to respond to the insurance company or seek damages.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #724772

The damages are pretty extensive to have been caused by a bike, I would take GEICO to court if I were you.

Thanks for the story, I will be shopping for insurance soon and will make sure to avoid this company.

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