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A couple nights ago I was on my way home on the parkway going southbound a deer ran from the right tapped the right front side of my car and took off running back into the woods. I got out of the car seen the damage (headlight, quarter panel, bumper) nothing major.

I got back into the car the only lights on were the headlight was out and the windshield wiper fluid was out. got home called geico they set up an app. the next morning, they told me everything would be taken care of not to worry... I drove the car to NY to their Geico Xpress.

So the adjuster told me everything should go smoothly. Got a call the next day stating that my car was totaled and the damages were 12.6k!!! I DROVE THE CAR HOME THEN TO NY WAS DRIVING AS IF NOTHING HAPPENED. He said the check engine light was on (the deer hit no where near the engine) whitch it was not the morning I drove it there, and they were not going to fix it!!

Got in touch with the supervisor the 2hrs on the phone all he kept saying was he was going to give me a check!! I DON'T WANT A CHECK I WANT MY CAR!! The car is not paid off the book value is only 16k 13k would go to the paying the car off. I asked him several times can they fix it he ignored my question and continued trying to convince me to give them my car!

My audi is fully covered been paying geico a *** load of money for 2 years then when I signed up I was told if anything were to happen to the car if it were taken into a shop I would be provided with a rent a car they also refused to provide me with one. Then after I decided to get an estimate elsewhere they would not answer the phone and when he finally did he told me the car was in the basement taken apart it wouldn't be ready for days!!

My car is still in the shop they don't want to pay I'm so pissed!!! I should have stayed with State Farm !!!

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Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #867453

Hope Cynthia will report the conclusion of her dealings with GEICO.

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