Geico represents guy who caused accident while talking on phone in the rain. Me and my 3 kids were injured.

Geico wants to settle for $600 over the medical expenses. The geico rep shaneka rousse is nasty and bullying. She is forcing me to hire lawyer and file lawsuit. She is not protecting her client.

Filing lawsuit will be against her client. Rousse lies about coverage and what happens to people who have soft tissue injuries. Insurance commissioners office has been notified and complaint filed.

I do not recommend geico because they do not settle in good faith to compensate victims of accidents. They only want to maximize profit by not paying out when they are obligated to.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Claim.

Monetary Loss: $40000.

Location: Cumming, Georgia

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Geico is equally terrible if they are your insurance company because then you get sued when they won't pay to settle a case. Also if you try to make a claim on your UIM policy they will low ball you and force you to arbitration using dodgy lawyers and paid off experts. GEICO is the worst.


Long story short, my vehicle hit another hydroplaning on a rainy day. Although not going fast, there was a car making an illegal left blocking traffic. When I crested the hill, I saw the backed up traffic, put on the breaks and the rest is history. Only the car directly in front was damaged with minor rear bumper damage, the row of cars in front not affected. THe guy in front of me stopped the illegal left hand turn guy from leaving the scene and made sure he was ticketed for being the cause of an accident.

GEICO strong armed me into driving the car to their body shop to meet with their adjuster. They refused to come to my house. I have never heard of any nonsense like this before. Although my first accident since I have been driving (first farm license issued at 13 in 1979), I have never had such problems with an insurance carrier. Even when I had a car stolen, State Farm never gave me a headache. I bought into the "discount" with my Master's program honors society and thought I would save money. What wound up happening is I lost a lot of time and money because of their bad faith processing.

The claim adjuster inflated the cost of repairs. When comparing her estimate to my mechanic's estimate, GEICO appeared to pad the labor charges and paint charges significantly. They wanted to do body work and repaint a rear quarter panel that had no damage (not even a paint chip) and was not affected by the accident. They wanted to paint the inside of the wheel well which isn't painted in original manufacturing. I asked for a written explanation as to the discrepancies and they refused to respond in writing. What they did do was call and accuse my mechanic (without even seeing his estimate) of lying and not licensed. Like I am going to trust them over a relative who is a master mechanic, in business over 40 years, and who is a certified repair facility for the maker of the vehicle. I copied pages from the manufacturers book to prove the double billing. They still refused to respond.

They claim there is no appeals process for insureds on denied claims. One might think this is illegal, but it is not. The State Department of Insurance said that they can run their business anyway they want.

The valuation of the vehicle was conducted in a rural marketplace to lower the cost of the vehicle. The intent of the claim adjuster was to create a total loss situation. She started strong arming me once she got possession of the vehicle to sign the title of the vehicle over to her PERSONALLY. I found out she could get $800 cash to scrap the car if I was foolish enough to turn it over.

So I try to negotiate and have her total loss removed and I would take the lowest estimate as base for paying the claim saving them $2,000 compared to paying out a total loss. They did not respond to the settlement offer forcing a complaint to the State Department of Insurance. GEICO ignored the state's inquiry, and the investigator started calling them only to receive a verbal confirmation they were not going to cooperate. The state would not do anything to mediate or arbitrate.

GEICO has kept possession of the vehicle on their site since February. I have made several demands for the vehicle to be returned because they claim it is "undrivable". It turns out, they padded the bill by causing damage that wasn't there. They smashed in tail lights and screwed up the trunk lid and rear tires. The vehicle impact was only the front bumper and I drove it to their site. The claim adjuster and her goons caused additional damage. They also stole the radio and GPS (along with about 3 CD's) out of the car when I went to the body shop's lot to inspect yesterday. I want to do things the right way and not just steal my car back.

GEICO needs to pay the total loss now because they caused the additional damages as well as cover the costs associated with the theft of the electronics. The car was not broken into, a key was used. I have one key and this crooked claim adjuster has the other.

Not one person in GEICO will put anything in writing and they manipulated the facts over the phone, speak in circles, and use other unclear communication tactics. I had the Regional Supervisor give me information about what "total loss" status would mean if I were to independently repair the car and try to insure it. He pretended he would pay their botched valuation as a total loss and I would "be ahead" like he was doing me a favor. I asked for the agreement in writing and he refused. The State said if I take the agreement, I would be losing out. Once they total loss the vehicle even though it is not a total loss (20% value of vehicle to repair costs)by paying it out as a total loss, it can no longer be registered or insured under motor vehicle laws. The GEICO supervisor lied and provided misinformation.

On the medical claims, they paid a hospital visit but refuse to pay the emergency room attending physician bill. They claim that it is a duplicate bill. It is obvious from the explanation of benefits that the bill was inputted incorrectly as a second "hospital" bill, with the name of the physician group and a billing service rather than the provider. When I filed an appeal explaining the mistake and providing both payor ID numbers to prove they were two separate bills, I asked for confirmation in writing it would be corrected or a detailed explanation as to why they feel the Physician Group and the Hospital facilities bill was a duplicate. Of course, they refuse and they call. The guy who left a voice mail spoke Hindi on the message. I forwarded an MP3 of the voice mail to a co-worker who speaks Hindi. Aside from the fact they left me a message in a language I do not even speak, and I had to find a coworker to translate being annoying, the outcome was they were not going to correct their clerical mistakes and pay the claim.

So I am stuck with a $905 medical bill hanging over my head along with a $1,300 hospital bill because they felt one of the tests the hospital conducted was "not necessary". Thankfully the hospital is taking payments of $32 a month to avoid collection and help me out. So much for only having to pay the $500 deductible as they promised.

On the vehicle damage, they refuse to pay what they owe and I just gave them until the end of this week to return the vehicle or I am going to take legal action.

By the way, I already dumped GEICO in the trash and went back to State Farm who is helping arm me with the tools to fight them in court to have my claims processed correctly.

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