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I switched my insurance from Progressive to GEICO and did indeed save a bundle - but savings can't make up for the incredible hassles and frustration caused by their horrendous claims service. My claims with Progressive were always handled quickly, courteously and professionally.

My car was recently stolen (doors locked, no extra keys anywhere) and after filing the police report, the car was found in less than 30 minutes after the police keyed in the VIN number, as my car had Lojack (highly recommend it, BTW). I also phoned GEICO and they took my statement and said they would get right on it (was a Friday PM).

My wife and I drove 25 miles to the recovery lot on Saturday to see the car and from what we could see it was drivable, but GEICO would not let me pick the car up until their underwriter saw it.

Their underwriter did not get out to see the car at the recovery lot until the following Friday, and GEICO would not authorize a car rental until he saw it - so I was without a car for over a week. He told me over the phone that he would take care of the towing fee and that I could pick it up if I wanted it before it was towed to my repair shop the next week.

My wife and I drove up on Saturday to pick it up, and GEICO never paid them, so I had to shell out over $400 in cash to bail out my car. The towing people were very nice, but it was only luck that I had that much money in cash at the time. I called the GEICO underwriter and left a message and have never heard back from him to this day.

GEICO also said they would not process my claim until I provided them with a copy of the bill of sale, the title and the "recovery report" (whatever that is). Unhappily, my car was purchased in 1992 and I do not have a copy of the bill of sale, nor can I find the title - but the car has been registered to me here for over 15 years. Also, since I have the car and it is not missing - why do they need the title for the claim?

Every time I speak to them or e-mail them I get the same broken record reply that they need this information, with no explanation - and they still haven't told me what a recovery report is or how I get it (thought the underwriter would have that). I have sent them copies of my registration, the towing bill, the police report and everything else I can think of, but no go.

I finally started the procedure to get a duplicate title - and it will take a month due to governemnt red tape.

I strongly urge anyone considering GEICO to think twice about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Claim.

Location: Stamford, Connecticut

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READ your policy. Your other, and I mean EVERY other vehicle insurance will want the SAME information.

And paying for a tow in advance is a courtesy that NOT all insurers will do. MOST will reimburse you the cost.


Consider auto insurance before going with Geico. Two weeks ago my car was stolen and within a few hours recovered and an arrest was made. The thief only took my brand new tires and junk stock rims.

There was no damage other than that. The car is a 1996 so obviously there is wear and tear plus cosmetic damage. Instead of putting new tires on they decided to TOTAL it. Main reason is the adjuster said there is scuffs scrapes scratches and the paint is faded. I asked the claims agent for the address so I can send my title and all I got was an 800 number because he said if I fill out the back of my title wrong it is useless.

All I had to do is sign and print where it says seller. I hate their claims service and the whole process. Once they cut me a check I am through with Geico and I intend on going back to Progressive.

Word of caution few dollars saved is not worth hassle when your car is stolen.


Ms. Very lame, once your windshield is replaced it is fixed and no one is going tro void your mfw unless you tell them. Wake up..


Geico is playing ping pong with me.

It was not my fault but still they are asking me to contact other insurance company for claims


OH and mr lobby the reason geico is growing is bc there growth isnt from investments like all the other insurance carriers its from a tight friggen budget and strict policies and NO MIDDLE MAN no commisions! no lavish *** the CEO drives a lincon town car.... you find me ANY CEO ANYWHERE that dont ethier have a limo or sum ridiculously exspensive car



if your going to complain do it right your story reeks of a fruadulent claim no title? no reciepts?

theft on a 92?

lowjack on a 92? it all of those things are massive red flags so yea there cautious


I am not an insurance agent and I was thinking the same thing.


My windshield had crack. Geico sent me to local glass shop, which would use aftermarket part for my car, and I will lose my MB warranty due to the part and unauthorized shop. I called Geico three times to get the glass shop, I can go without losing my MB warranty, but Geico could not give any authorized shop for the work, and told me I have to $300 more then my deduction if I go to MB authorized shop.I will not do any business with Geico.Can we do something to fix Geico problem?


As long as the govt is run by these guys they will continue to steal. what other industry do you know that is able to continue double digit % growths even in these bad times when nobody else does..when they see lower earnings they raise rates to continue their obscene profits and blame it on increased suits which is complete lie as limits have all but gotten rid of big jury awards.


I have a friend who works in collision repair. He hates working on GEICO claims.

See, GEICO plays a game with their repair shops and with their customers. They do not authorize correct and complete repairs the first time. Then when the customer returns the vehicle because it is not repaired correctly GEICO blames the shop and demands the repairs for free from the repair shop. My friend has lost thousands of dollars due to this behavior by GEICO and many shops refuse to accept GEICO claims for this reason. They are about to lose his.

Bottom line is GEICO saves itself money by forcing shops to make sub-standard repairs and then forcing them to "fix" the repairs for free, causing their customers additional down-time from their vehicles and often additional charges for rental cars.



When you have an accident you want an Insurance Company to stand up for you and help you through the difficult times.

Geico does not do that at all. Geico is real good at taking your money, but do not want to have to pay out when you have an accident.






I am sure they would say you are welcome. How about taking responsibility and actually taking the time to READ your policy. You don't need someone to tell you what you should already know.


and for the record.. my car was parked..


WITNESSES VIDEO AND EVERYTHING. But they are greedy ***..


I *** hate Geico .. their *** insured slamed into my car and they are acting like is my *** fault.

the *** cant drive and keep control of her vehicle..

so I have to pay the consequences having no vehicle and being injured. Thanks GEICO , greedy *** son of the ***


The reason that GEICO (and most other reputable insurers) has that in place -- and I find it hard to believe that they would keep your car locked down for that long -- is because there have been so many other FRAUDSTERS out there who pulled the wool over the eyes of their insurers in order to make a quick buck. If one could just furnish the correct information the first time, then everything's fine.

Otherwise, an insurer senses that the insured is committing fraud. Yeah, that's what this world is coming to.

Don't blame GEICO, blame the folks who commit insurance fraud.


You had theft coverage on a 1992? You're *** enough to pay extra for that anyway, so you deserved how long it took.

Plus if your car was found so quickly, why the *** didn't you just go pick it up? This story really makes no sense.


Surprised to see such a respond from Mr. Geico (work for).

Name calling their own customer. Owe! I am surprised that he work for GEICO. What way to treat their client.

Instead of improving service, slandering the client like that.

Thrwing some industry jargon he/she want to resolve the problem. As a consumer we do not care what you call those guy, we care only our car is fixed in a reasonable amount of time.


First of all, I work for Geico.

Secondly, whoever this is works for Progressive.

An Auto Damage Adjuster is the one you would have worked with if your claim was legit. Secondly, your policy coverage (if you had a real one to read) would have told you that your expenses were taken care of. Why would any company hold a persons car for so long, and why would a PERSON let someone hold their care for so long. So next time you want to bash Geico Mr. Progressive use the right terminology.

Underwriter- one who write policies and coverages for a particular person(s) who has began a policy with Geico to decide a premium. (Why would this person go and see your car?

Vandalism- an act that is covered under Geico's Comprehensive Loss under your Physical Damage clause.


Sounds like you just had a *** adjuster. As far as titles go, you just need them to show that there is no lien on the vehicle to get a 1-party check. Standard operating procedure.

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