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In a previous hearing, the Judge asked Wade J. Gallagher, GEICO's lead attorney where his client was, Mr. Gallagher let the Judge know that his client, the defendant, could not attend court that day because he was not feeling very well...

In fact his client had been deceased for quite some time!

GEICO's attorneys placed themselves in a Grave Situation as they misrepresented to both the Judge and in court fillings that their defendant client was still alive!

GEICO could be faced with making a large settlement in favor of the Plaintiff who was left holding the bag with serious permant physical injuries in addition to personal damages growing out those injuries after being hit by the Defendant's truck. (Federal Procedure Rule 25).

The accident Plantiff victim has been in litigation with GEICO since 2000!

GEICO's client's truck hit the Plaintiff causing serious permanent injuries and continues to seek justice for the accident trauma he sustained has presented his plea to The U.S. Supreme Court conveying a message of faith in the U.S. Justice System even when up against powerful external forces.

Reminding to all that an individual has the right to make a difference as there are countless of accident victims who also had similar experiences only to find that they are without voice.

GEICO, grudgingly in their 1st offer to settle for the life long disabilities done to Halstead was a miserly $36,000 for damages which will far exceed into the millions over the course of Halstead's life.

When Halstead won a motion during one of the hearings, GEICO's lead attorney (Wade Gallagher) in a fit of total disgust intentionally kicked Halstead in the leg as Gallagher exited the D.C. Court room.

Halstead recently filed his complaint against GEICO with the U.S. Supreme Court - the highest court in the United States to help shed light upon unethical treatment by the mega insurance carriers to the innumerous accident victims seeking fair and just settlements in a timely manner...

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Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1176666

Mscerious in Kansas city mo

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #1176665

What's really *** me off is im meaning a mother and my family comes first and for most unconditionally and we stand up for one and other one hurts 6 mainly hurts from a head ache to labor and stress will and can kill geico along with minor to severe personal injuries to emotional pain get right with your maker not the claim of risk to other's and mother and families da

Woodland, Pennsylvania, United States #959491

Insurance companies are in business to make money for themselves and their stock shareholders... not to really pay for anything.

Why do you think they drag their feet when ever they have to payout, and why many cases drag on and on even when they end up in court?

BECAUSE THEY WOULD LOSE MONEY!!! Its the same way for health pay out the wazoo in premiums but they barely cover any true medical costs and will deny/ refuse having to pay any thing they aren't made to.

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