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I've been a Geico customer for well over two years now. I was involved in a hit and run, went to get an estimate, and never received a check.

When I called to ask why two weeks later, they wanted the name of either the auto repair shop it was going to or the bank of my car loan. Didn't make sense to me, but after long arguments with them, I opted to find a place to trade it in. Finally I found one and cancelled the service, and get out of auto pay only to be billed for another month of service a week later. Turns out this clown didn't get me out of auto pay.

I called furious, and they offered to send me a check...in 30 days. Because the payment over drew my bank account, the payment went back (I wasn't aware of this). I called in to get a status, and made sure I was not enrolled in auto pay, and I found out they billed me YET AGAIN! This not only overdrew my account, but all the smaller transactions I had got me a whopping $175 over draft charge.

When I called in to talk to them about this, they offered to do a direct deposit back and cover the overdraft. However, the fee hadn't gone through and they couldn't do a refund until it was cleared. I called back today, and got a different story. They'd send me a check but would cover NONE of the overdraft.

When I got upset and told them it was unacceptable, they offered to let me speak to a manager...who would call me in 15 minutes.

It's been an hour with no phone call.

Don't go with Geico unless you want to get ripped off and told you're at fault for their mistakes. To *** with Geico.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Auto Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $329.

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Stay away from this insurance name Geico . Their clown and scammers.

. Their put me with liability on my brand new car . And I call back to get full cover . Still their didi not tell the truth what happenen if yur car get accident yu are not cover with lot of stuffs their supposed to explain it right .

Suck *** Geico until you got hit by another drive . Than Geico told you sorry u not cover by this and that even though yu are full coverage


Hmmm...after 14 years being a customer of GEICO, knowing that we have paid a premium over other insurance companies, we wanted to change our policy to another car, same price, just another brand and they responded with raising our rate $400/year so I called and said that we did not like it and asked if they could do anything on the rate. Their response was "No can do!" even when I told them I would change insurance company if they did not lower their rate.

So I got a quote $800.00/year lower than their quote for the SAME coverage. They just did not seem to care at all. It cost 15-20 times MORE to get a new client than retaining an old, yet they just let us go like that, not a single effort to make it work. Then a company is too big.

So Geico is not, in our experience, cheap, nor customer oriented, just FYI. So "Fifteen minutes....could cost you a lot of headaches and more expensive insurance" rather than ".....could save you hundreds of dollars.."

Eagle, Idaho, United States #1313087

I have been with geico well over 10 years and my neighbor backed into the back side of my car. I just wanted to report it ;like I was suppose to do and Geico filed a claim...There wasn't enough damage to file a claim but they did it anyway.

The worse part is that they made us both liable even though they hit me so another way to raise our insurance. If the other party would have had a different insurance company I know it would have been a better outcome.


That's your own *** fault for not going on your account and removing auto draft.


I was hit in the rear end by a Geico customer. The adjustor said I.wasnt involved in the accident even on the police report shows I was and I receive Emt care and sent to ER along with my grandkids. They pretty said lie so I am call a injury lawyer in.the morning.

Geico is a joke!!###


AGREE... they will say that they send letters and emails when they do not. They will cancel your insurance for any reason just so that they can increase your premium.


They're the worst screwed me over on two claims didn't pay anything


Yes geico sucks big time!!! Had a late payment and paid about 65% of it.

Made an arrangement to pay the balance on my next pay period. 13 days later the Houston area had major flooding and my car was under about 4ft. Of water. It died on the spot.

Called geico to get towed and they said my coverage had ended due to nonpayment. I explained to the rep that i made a payment 2 weeks ago and had anagreement to pay the balance on my next pay period. Found the first rep didn't notate my account. Long story short i'm left paying for repairs on my car because of a clerical error.

What hurt the most is that i was a loyal geico customer for 10 years and have had at least 4 cars at once covered as well as home owners and renters insurance. When i say i dropped them like a hot potato that wasn't even fast enough


i agree


So last week I was the victim of a hit and run where the other guy got out of his car and ran on foot. He left his car at the scene and was arrested last Friday.

He totaled my used 2013 Legacy that I had purchased the car literally 1 month to the day before the accident.

I had only just put in my 2nd tank of gas into the car.

GEICO is now claiming that my car's value is $2000+ less than I bought it 2 weeks ago, and I had checked Edmonds, Cars.com for the value of a car with the features Millage etc. to be almost the exact price I got.

This is a Hit and Run, completely not my fault as I was hit while doing a 3 pt turn by a guy going upwards of 100 MPH in a residential area.

GEICO SUCKS, they have kept me waiting over a week while Im dealing with a loan on a car I don't own. I had to contact the other insurance company since after 2 days GEICO didn't.

I keep getting told *** answers and that people need to talk to their "supervisor". They used cars from over 50 miles away from where I bought the car for "comparable" prices.

Anyone else have advice with how to deal with this? I put $4000 down on the car I bought and am not in a financial situation where I can just take a $2000 loss because some drunk guy hit me and GEICO is a horrible company.


Got hit from the rear by an a hole. We both had geico insurance.

The other driver told geico he was struck from the rear by another then he hit me. geico doesn't want to pay for my damage now. The other driver ran when he hit me. I tracked him down and called Plant City security Police,they didn't do anything.

The adjusters for Geico are lazy and ***. Don't get Geico as a car insurance.

Louisburg, Kansas, United States #828586

I was injured in a motorcycle wreck on May 5th Geico has not yet inspected the motorcycle it is at a tow lot 2 states away and today they called and told me they would need pics of the bike to do an estimate.

Bull hocky I can barley move and they want me to drive 400 miles one way to take pics of the bike because their adjuster is too lazy to take a look his self today is the 46th.

day that the bike has been in the tow lot which has a strict 45 day unclaimed mdse period after yesterday they may get a quiet title to it and sell it. can't blame them a bit.

Geico has managed to really frustrate me I thought we had a contract I pay for a service and they perform a service. so far I have not been satisfied with the level of service offered. I have called 7 different people 4 of them supposedly supervisors and to date either I can't get thru the phone rings for 3 mins then disconnects or I get a voice mail and leave a message so far I have called about 50 times with no success.

Good luck with Geico.

to Jim Louisburg, Kansas, United States #835664

Update I decided that as I had nothing else to do I would call till I got through it took 75 phone calls before someone answered it happened to be the claim adjuster he probably couldn't sleep with the phone ringing.

He said they would total the scoot with out having seen it just from a description over the phone the amount offered was pretty good so I called the tow lot and they e-mailed some pics of the bike the first two weren't bad just cosmetic on both sides but the front pic did it for me I e-mailed the pics to my mechanic at his shop on the phone we discussed it and his recommendation was to pass on it.

The front wheel was pushed back nearly touching the fairing 4" says frame damage..

So I agreed to the amount and sent the title to the total loss office. The south is reputed for being slow and it is. The title was sent registered mail and it took one day to hit Georgia and 4 more days before it was delivered to the company. on a Sat.

So on Monday at noon I called to follow up and the girl I spoke to hadn't seen anything yet she came back with the title eventually and on the advice of the department I hadn't put the mileage since I didn't know what it was it being 400 miles away.

After 30 mins we resolved the matter and she began to ask me if the address she had was correct why yes it's the same as the self addressed and stamped envelope I enclosed with the title.

OH? How the *** did she get the title out of the envelope without seeing the SASE that was folded inside of the title... she said it would take a day or tow for the comptroller to issue a check and then if she sent it to the Virginia office she being in Georgia it would take less time for me to receive it?

must be the southern way.. and I should have it within 7-10 business days.

At this point I had to ask why they could send a check for 500 dollars more than this to the tow lot overnight but I had to wait for mine.? she didn't know.......One more thing I noticed in the fine print that Geico will not pay on a claim if you exceed 500 miles in 24 hours I commonly ride 500- 1000 miles on a weekend so this was the final straw for me I am done with GEICO *** insurance.

It's Progressives turn.

Mobile, Alabama, United States #823103

I have a policy with Geico and I called in for a quote this past week; it was to see how much it would be IF my 18 year old daughter (who lives with her mother AND out of state) were to purchase a car and have it added to my policy. I provided only her name an birthdate- Geico added her to my account "in case she were to ever use my car" which increased my premiums by almost $100 a month!

I called them to have I removed later that day and was told that I needed proof of my daughter's residence with her mother.

I sent Geico a scanned copy of her charge card bill and then was told that it was not acceptable because it was over 30 days old. It is amazing that they can add someone with minimal information but then you have to jump through hoops to get them removed!


my claim policy says 80 bucks but every time i look at my bank statement the have taken out over that amount and then some. like this past month i gt a notice stating you will be charged 80.99.

k cool. knowing it was a lie. i waited. the amount they took out was plus a 100 so it came out to be 180.99.

they been doing this since i joined this year.

what can i do, is there an insurance company, that i can go to that wont **** me with no Vaseline.

I'm 21

no ticket ever

no accident ever

2012 Chrysler 300

a us army soldier im a safe driver.

to Matpicerne #930544

Try AAA, they may offer better military discounts, perks as AAA member, and overall better service.

Farmers is not bad but the billing sucks and so do the client facing agents.


I have a Nissan 2012 Rogue. It has 80,000 miles on it.

Yep 80,000! Damages from hitting a herd of deer were nearly 12,000 dollars.

They valued the car way more than any website I could find. GEICO SUCKS!


Their cute adverts are nothing but ***. Beware anytime you encounter cute advertising.

GEICO may have some conscientious reps but the man I dealt with soured me on their service. They'll never see a dime from me.

Denver, Colorado, United States #804830
Here is one to add to the pile. GEICO is the only company I know of that can't take 2 checks.

My premium was $309 and I only had set aside $300 so I had to write one check for $300 from one account and the other for $9 from another account. That is how tight my $$ is.
Guess which one they cashed? The $9 one and had the nerve to send me a past due notice on the remaining $300.

When I called to say I sent 2 checks, they told their "system" does not allow that. They only deposit the first one and anything else gets shredded. I said ok and mailed them another check but just because did not trust them I put a stop pay on the 'lost' check. That cost me $25 for a stop pay fee, for which I complained and asked for reimbursement.

I reminded them this was their fault and no other vendor I deal with has a problem with two checks. Of course they wouldn't even consider refunding me so I fired them on the spot!!

And switched to Progressive.. not much better :sigh But at least it felt good fire GEICO.

Geico hooks you with cheaper rates then increases your policy every year even without a claim! When I questioned this I was told it was mandated by the state so Geico could remain solvent.

Funny, my 2 sons have Geico, live 2 miles from me and their rates never went up. Maybe its age discrimination.

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