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This is a great story!

I got a call that the Glendale police were at my home looking for my husband for a hit and run, I call him he is at walmart and i said were you in a car accident he says no, I said the police are looking for you, He walks out to the car and says there is damage goes home and they say he hit and ran someone and gave him a ticket he said i didnt even know the car was hit. we get the police report which is the biggest *** report she says my husband hit her at 35th ave and bethany home where the walmart is, really!

goes home unloads her car and calls police. WHAT.. Then goes on to tell the police that she could see who hit her and then says no she cold not describe the person, she goes and gets a fancy tv lawyer. I contact Gieco who are rude as ***, this happen JULY 4, 2014 i begged gieco to look at my car no way this car hit her at 35 mph, I ended up driving 3 hours to sierra vista in September to finally get them to look at the car, they had taken pics, i explained we bought the car used the rims were already messed up we can prove that he said that was fine as he had taken pics of them.

My husband went to court for ticket the judge made it for not neither party exchanged information, not a hit and run, he also said on record that the lady never came to court nor contacted the attorney for the state. Gieco is more then happy to make us horrible for insurance now, I don't even have a car because my insurance is so *** high thanks Gieco, now its almost 2 years and gieco is telling us we are paying her out full limits of course for a lie, but now they want more and they want to sue us! really she is sending us all these affidavits i dont understand them, I said per our agreement we are suppose to have a lawyer I am now told not until their is a law suit, we dont have anything not even a car, because this has cost us well over 4000.00 for lawyers for the fake hit and run!

How does the company who is suppose to be having your back not want to hear you or investigate the accident, look at the car. her car had a scratch and my paint dragged across it, she ripped my bumper where the door meet hot the car, my car has no impact damage it has a cracked head light from pressure and the bumper ripped where she caught it, and buckled on the side from the pressure.

that is not a 35 mph hit. This is causing me more problems then it should.. BUT I HAD TO BEG THEM TO LOOK AT MY CAR DRIVE 3 HOURS, and they never asked us what happen until i pushed it. DO NOT USE THEM EVER.

I could not find the pics of her car however if i do i will post them this is not 35 mph damage.

But Gieco refuses to even to even see that. I am beyond frustrated.

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Any person in there right mind, after hearing the story, can see what actually happened just by looking at your car. This person but you while backing out of a parking space.

It's so obvious to anyone that can see.

I would quit messing with Geico and invest in a good lawyer and a good vehicle body repair man to testify. Good luck and I will say a prayer for your situation.


I'd call People's Court and have Judge Millian solve this for you.

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