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Geico raised my rates after a fender bender, so I cancelled my Geico auto insurance policy in June by telephone because I received a lower rate from another company and bought other insurance. Then, two months later, I received a bill from Geico claiming that I had not paid my bill since June.

When I called to complain, they said there was no record of my cancellation and told me to fax proof that I had insurance through another company since June. The next day, I faxed the other company's declaration sheets, dated from June on all three of my vehicles. One month later, again received the same bill from Geico, threatening action unless I faxed or mailed the same information I had already provided. This time, I send the declaration sheets via Certified Mail with Return Receipt.

One month later, I again received a bill from Geico asking for faxed/mailed proof and this time, they threatened to ruin my credit record. After already wasting time and money via faxes and Certified Mail, my insurance agent had to call them in-person to try and put an end to this fiasco.

That was two weeks ago, and I haven't received anything else yet. The next steps would be Better Business Bureau, Attorney General's office and letter to my congressman/senator.

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They do charge a cancellation fee of $90 in NC, and would not inform customers in advance.


GEICO is charging $99 as cancellation fee, which was not mentioned while taking the policy. I had queried the same while taking the policy and I was told, there will be no fee.

Initially they charged me $800. After lot of arguments, they re-calculated to $99.


Found better rates and switched to another insurance company and GEICO charged me $91.30 cancellation fee. Never recommend this company anyone


When I cancelled, they threatened me with reporting to the DMV that I had no insurance. They are *** of the earth!

Trying to blackmail me just because I couldn't afford a car and was using public transportation.

I don't have to prove ANYTHING to them. They may have made an illegal deal with the government to force everyone to buy their product but I certainly don't have to take their 'orders'.


I tried cancelling Geico with same issues. When I first called to cancel, they sound like a used car sales man trying to keep me with a policy that is $60 more a month.

He was extremely pushy and brought back flashbacks of AOL in the days. I have learned to never use them again in the future!

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