To Whom It May Concern; policy # 406432****

First, when your representative stated she could not help or solve my problem or was even willing to try continued to sound like some automated robot repeating herself instead of helping me and I became tired of her and ask to speak with her supervisor and when the supervisor came on the phone she repeated what the other person said before even looking into what she should or could have done to help me but instead kept explaining procedure, and if that's the case, what is the purpose or function of your customer service if your not willing to treat me like a valued customer or give customer service?

I've been with Geico since your early beginning and when you were reasonable and flexible then and would work with your customer's like we were family. Now you have Nazi at your helm with an attitude; pay or die!!

We all live in this country and suffer the same financial problems in some way or another... Where is the loyalty to your customers?

Where did it go? I'm 66 years old and will be 67 this July coming, and a senior now, and I've been with your company very long time.

Further, I had ask to speak with a manager and she said the person wasn't in but took my number and would have them call me back and all this was taking place between the hours of 7AM and 9AM but that person never returned my phone call and they purposely let my insurance elapse and now I assume I'm without insurance which is a crime against a loyal customer when I need my car just to survive in this new world of ours.

I left a number where I was 845.557.6230 in the mountains stranded because of the harsh weather but received a call back on my cell which was not working because there was no signal in the area and why I left the 845 number!

I demand to be reinstated and a chance to set things right and in my day you didn't ask for credit it was a bad word and impolite, and only tolerated or accepted in the most serious of situations and it was not what I was asking for but a chance to be worked with and helped with finding a solution to my problem and not just have you add to it which you have succeed in doing by cutting me off and blaming a computer for it.

Computers are not human and are without feelings or understanding and cannot interpret human situations, customer services only can, and should!

I would like to stay with your company if only because I've been with you guy's so long. I need my car to do and find the work that I do, and without my car, I will lose what little I have.

My number is 1917.853.3020 if you wish to discuss my case and/or instead continue to hide under your bed like this manager who was supposed to get back to me and/or let your computer continue to do your customer service for you, and you will surely lose more customer's.

I need my insurance, please reinstate me. My connections and friends are very slim because almost all have gone on to Valhalla. I'm asking your company to stick by me like I stuck by you.

Have more compassion for your seniors for we are the last of the baby boomers a generation....

Just think how you would like your grandfather treated or yourself when your my age, and somewhere in between you'll know how I would like to be treated. God bless you all...

Thank you,

Mr. Juan Ramon

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Manager.

Location: New York, New York

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