I had been a Geico auto insurance customer since I started driving. At 27, I got married and started a family and we were loyal Geico customers.

When our two children started driving as teenagers, they had several accidents; fortunately they were not injured. Geico immediately dropped our coverage even though over the life of our coverage, at an average of $3000/year, we had paid approximately $48,000 before the first minor accident. The subsequent accidents the kids had added up, but not equal to what we paid. Geico dropped us in 2009, the same year the kids moved out, so we had to get new insurance.

We ended up selecting insurance with Progressive. We have had a few claims since, and Progressive has been exceptionally helpful. In the five years with Progressive have paid about $18,000 in premiums, and they have paid out $1500 in claims. If Geico had been loyal and been a partner through the rough times they would have come out with a significant profit, and we would have been advocate for them for life.

We now are ardent Geico detractors, because they shafted us during tough times. So far, we have convinced 17 people to switch to Progressive. We have a goal of switching 25 people. Geico now is sending us mail asking us to switch, 15 minutes can save you 15%, but there is no savings long term.

If you want slightly lower monthly payments with the risk of Geico cutting you off if you ever have a claim, read no more.

If you want insurance with competitive monthly payments and a company who will be loyal and stick with you through thick and thin, choose Progressive. We are incredibly pleased, and let everyone we know how good Progressive is.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

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