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I received my moms car when she died. It was garage kept, very low milage.

I hit a deer, called and reported the claim ( full coverage for 5), anyway. The adjuster never called or returned my calls. Someone else at GEICO( preferred) shop said the damage was more than the valve. This is a very nice Chrysler new yorker with minimal damage.

Even after letting me take out full coverage all this time no one at GEICO told me because of the year it wouldn't be fixed. I asked for the difference I paid for full coverage to now liability. No response. Finally got someone that said they would get the value from the adjuster, minus 295.00 for a salvage title and I could have the difference to get the repairs done.

Still no call. This stated 5/31. It is now 6/24. This was the only claim on either of our vehicles or either bikes.

I still can't drive at night because the dear damaged one of my lights. WHY WAS I ALLOWED TO TSKE OUT FULL COVERAGE ON A 1992?

it was in mint condition and the car was my moms baby before she died. I told them it was important I could fix it.

Kelly Floyd

Elgin, sc

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Your car is worth about $1700 in mint condition with extremely low miles. KBB doesn't even go back to '92.

If the damage is more than a percentage of that, it's totaled. No regular insurance company will pay out more to repair the car than what it's worth. Why would you expect more? You need to drop full coverage when the premium begins to outweigh the value of the car...even if the car is priceless to you, the big faceless corporation won't see it that way.

If you consider it an antique or classic car and want to go by the NADA value, then you need classic car insurance with an AGREED VALUE.

It's dirt cheap through places like Hagerty and you could have easily had a $6,000 value on it (if it was really perfect).

Problem now is, even if you buy the car back and repair it to perfection, you'll still have the salvage title which of course insurance companies don't like.

If the car has strong sentimental value, see if they'll settle for a lesser amount for a "repair", eat the difference and then fix it yourself. At least then it won't be scarred for life with a salvage title.

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