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Geico has shown me another side of insurance. I was involved in a hit and run in which I had passengers.

My vehicle had small damages to the rear end since it was a Tahoe. I filed the accident under my insurance; what a mistake that was!!!! Becky Valentine out of the Macon, GA location first called to give her regards against the accident and stated "she hopes we get to feeling better" which was on a Friday. Come Monday, the woman had turned into another person.

There were passengers in my vehicle (family) one being my grandmom. My grandmom and mom sought out medical attention and I wouldn't expect them NOT TO SEEK medical attention. Becky Valentine flagged the claim I'm guessing to Michael Mitchell In Atlanta as a Special Investigation Unit. I didn't know what an SIU were until doing my research on it.

Nothing good to say about these guys. Geico neither the SUI would give me any information on the claim but instead I was treated like a criminal and etc. Michael Mitchell calls today and says he will schedule me for an exam under oath and didn't explain to me what is it all about, or anything. The *** with Geico.

I came home to do my research on it and called him back to say I would look into an attroney before I get railed into an insurance system. My vehicle damage payment was $536.00 and mid $286.00 after the $250 deductible. $286 payment check was an error and sent out by the vehicle damage inspector that didn't know what the *** was going on either in the claim. I just hope she didn't get into any trouble behind this but Geico can lick lightening.

Its numerous hit and runs daily in Atlanta. 3/19/2013 another person hit me and left the scene.

I chased that Pewter Expedition onto 75/85 where she exited on Spring Street downtown and got her tag number; the whole time I was putting myself at danger way in order for Geico not to look at the 2nd case in a month as fraud. I could have been killed chasing a dern truck on a highway for a *** insurance company.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Claim.

Monetary Loss: $536.

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

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So you filed a claim and when the insurance company said that they suspected fraud you immediately decided to pay for the damage yourself. Yeah, that doesnt sound suspicious at all.

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