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On August 2nd, 2008, I cancelled my auto insurance policy with Geico (last 4 digets are 0507) because of their poor customer service and because they caused me a $250 fine by cancelling my insurance policy (apparently because of my payment being lost in the mail) then telling the DMV that I have no insurance without first contacting me.

I made the mistake of paying Geico a six-month premium before I learned about this when I went in to register my car at the DMV.

I've signed up with a different insurance company since then, yet I continue to get recorded calls harassing me about the policy at Geico that I do not want. Each call costs me money since I use a pre-paid cell phone.

To date Geico has not reimbursed me for the premium they owe me after my cancellation, they have not reimbursed me for the $250 fine, and they continue to make harassing, automated, prerecorded phone calls.

The harassment and unpaid amount that Geico owes me has gone on way too long. I received the latest call today, 1/12/2008 at 2:05 pm, from the phone number, 1-248-758-9138, a full five months after I cancelled my policy.

I urge Geico to do the right thing and reimburse me, and I urge consumers NOT to use Geico.

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NO - they direct you to a page supposedly supplying fax numbers, but you get telephone numbers to call for the fax.

They tripled my premiums - I found a much better company.


It's llegal to insure someone after their payment has run out. If your check cleared the bank, great, then maybe they put the payment on the wrong polcy or something and can fix it. If it didn't, then your payment probably didn't get there. A cancellation notice is usually sent (sometimes more than one) did you get any? This would typically serve as notification that your policy was about to be cancelled.

Every insurance company has to tell the DMV when a policy lapses, and, unfortunately, no company has the manpower to contact personally every person who forgets a payment (although an effort is made.) If the payment didn't clear and you missed the cancellation notice, then, unfortunately, the fine is yours to pay, as the state asks you to take responsibility for insuring your car. This includes opening your mail or email, or checking to make sure that your checks clear.

If you haven't recieved a refund yet, it may be because the company does not have record of your first request for cancellation. This can be remedied easily by providing proof of coverage from your current insurer. They have to refund any premium you paid during the time you were technically insured by both companies.

Talk to your new company and ask them to fax something to GEICO with the dates of your new policy (called a declarations page) with your old policy number and "backdate cancellation request" on it. The fax number is probably on their website.

I hope this helps

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