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Thank you for taking the time to hear me out. On 7-1-2018 I was involved in an accident in a McDonald’s parking lot, 123 Virginia Ave. East Point, GA. I will write down as faithfully as I can the events that took place.

I stopped at the McDonald’s parking lot to try to get directions to my son’s home in Bremen, GA. I had just dropped my daughter-in-law at the airport and made a wrong turn. I pulled into McDonalds to get directions from Google maps. I was in the way of traffic but there was plenty of room on my left for cars to pass me and go to the drive thru or head out of the parking lot. The lady that hit me came out of McDonald’s with another person and some food. I did not move because she had plenty of room to avoid my stopped vehicle. I had trouble getting Google maps going. (I am no good with the new technology.) The lady started eating her food and backing out of the space she was in. I noticed that she looked in her door mirror for oncoming cars but, she never looked to the right rear or rearview mirror. I blew the horn when I realized that she was heading straight at me. She did not respond to the horn and struck the vehicle I was in. (Not my vehicle, it was a borrowed vehicle). She got out of the car and I did too. I asked her if she was ok, she gave me a dirty look and asked me, “Why did you hit me?” I shook my head and said, “Are you for real?” She responded, “Yes, why did you hit me?” I said, “You are the one that hit me!” She gave me another dirty look and started to walk away speaking out loud, “I am on my way to church and now I am going to be late!” I said to her, “You mean to tell me that you are heading to church to meet with GOD and here you are lying!? What church do you go to?” She responded, “What does it matter?” I said, “It matters, because I want to make sure I never go there, if they teach you to behave this way.” She turned around and went to talk to her friend. A police officer showed up and she went straight to him and talked with him a good 15 minutes. After that, the policeman came to meet me and spend about 2 minutes with me. He went inside McDonald’s and talked to a lady. My guess is that she was the manager. He came out and went and talked again with the lady that hit me. She did not look very pleased, judging by her facial expressions. The police officer then came over to me and said next time not to stop on the way of traffic, but to pull into a parking space. I told him that I would. I asked him who he believed was at fault, he told me that I could find out when I got the police report. He handed me a little paper with a website and told me to wait about 3 weeks before trying to get it. We both left McDonald’s.

Sometime later, Sarah Kitchens (Geico’s employee) tried to reach me on my cell phone. I am almost deaf and did not hear the phone and it was a week or so that I realized I missed the call. I called Ms. Kitchen but she was not available. Another lady took my call for her. After I told her who I was, she told me that the claim case was closed. I asked “how could that be?” She told me that they had all the necessary statements. I said, “You do not have mine. How can you make any kind of decision based only on one side?” After exchanging words she agreed to take my statement. During the statement, I asked her if a driver pulling out of a parking spot has to yield to the traffic. She answered, “Yes.” They have the statement recorded. She let me know that she would pass it to Sarah Kitchens. I got a call from Ms. Kitchens and she informed me that their decision would stand. She said the same thing that the other lady had told me that, they had all the necessary statements. I asked if she had a police report and she said, no. I offered to send a copy of mine and I will quote her, “It is not necessary, it will not make any difference.” I could not believe what I was hearing. We ended the call and later on while on Facebook an ad for Geico Insurance popped on my page. I was going to try to delete it but decided to place a comment about how unfair they are. A man by the name Lee responded asking me for my name, case number, and other information. I told him to give me an email address because, I was not going to put that lady’s or my personal information out on Facebook. I just recently started using it and do not know much about it. I got an address for a man by the name Sean. I sent this man a copy of the police report and he called. He told me that nothing has changed. I was at fault. He told me that the police report does not mean anything, that they, (Geico), decide who’s at fault. (The observation and judgement of an unbiased officer of the law is of no value, in this case.) At this time, I was fuming! I said, “If your insurer were in my car and I in hers, would the police report be good then?” I do not recall what he said or did not say. These Geico representatives claim that their insured was out of the parking spot and I came along and struck her car. That is an absolute lie! My car was not moving at all and it was in park. I was typing directions on google maps and waiting for the response. She never looked my way to see if it was clear to back out before she did. I can just picture a thief accused of stealing and in his trial he happens to be the judge presiding the case. What do you think the outcome would be? Isn’t this considered a conflict of interest?

I contacted Lee through Facebook and asked and even placed a challenge for a supervisor to contact me. I was giving them another opportunity to come clean, but I got no response.

I am a 100% disabled Veteran and it was a privilege and an honor to serve this wonderful nation of ours. The principles by which this nation was founded make America the greatest nation on earth, a nation under GOD with liberty and justice for all. Geico does not act like a company that believes and upholds those values. They oppress the simple and deny them fairness and justice. Not to mention that they also deny Christian values.

As I mentioned earlier, the car I was driving is not mine and it is totally unfair and wrong for me to have to do the repairs no matter how small or big! But, the biggest point here is, that this an un-American, unfair, and unjust company should not get away with it. Someone once said, all that is necessary for evil to prevail and grow is for good people to do nothing. (I do not know if those were the exact words but the point is there). Every time this company or anyone that does wrong things gets away with it, it reinforces their behavior and encourages others to follow their example. Is this the type of people and nation we want to become? Put yourself in my shoes, would you demand justice and fairness or would allow these crooks and this unjust company to abuse you and others? I pray to the GOD of heaven that we have not gotten to the point that we do not care or are on the side of evil. Thank you for allowing me to share my story!

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Auto Claim.

Reason of review: Claims.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Repair the vehicle.

I didn't like: Unfair practice.

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Geico is bad news. They can do what they want.

We as consumers have no rights. It is heartbreaking.


First off I would like to thank you for your service to our country and secondly, I'm sorry they have run amuck doing the wrong thing against loyal customers. I hope and pray they'll eventually learn from their mistakes sooner than later.

There's a lot of ex-customers/Sarmatians who are at least writing about the bad experience with Geico informing others to be aware of them. Best wishes to whoever you choose as your next auto agency...

as well as myself too. God bless

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