Called Geico to inform wife left state with car: this was November: I requested to remove her/ and car from policy; Geico stated they couldn't take her off the policy because her name was listed first: It was my policy: I was the primary and only policy holder, she was added to policy after we married. Moving to the problem: Geico wouldn't remove spouse from policy: They stated she was listed first, she would have to request the change; I stated she left the state, I am paying the bill, the policy belongs to me.

Geico; Stated; I have to wait for the policy to expire, and after the policy expired, they would cut a new policy in my name: Okay: That was November, the policy was set to expire December 31 12:01 Am: Great happy new year """ NOT: Geico failed to follow up on the policy: I found out about it the hard way about three months later. I bumped, I mean bumped a car at a light, my car was a little over the line at a light, so I looked back and it was clear, I backed up and bump, a couple of young girls in a performance grand prix had HAULED #@$ down the hill and were right where I wanted to be, at the same time they were there: Bump,, no damage, nothing, a bump, they wanted to cal the police, after speeding down the hill at night, into a snow covered intersection Now the party starts: Cop arrives, with the usual license and registration, yup got it, doo, doo,m,just humming away waiting to leave: WhaM, UM sorry sir, I see your vehicle is insured, but Geico shows that that you had a lapse in insurance coverage back in January, and then notified NYS, DMV::: We are going to have to flat bed your car,,, Sorry about this:: Flat bed though town, joy: Sitting in night court a week later, listening to the hearing call drug offenses, domestic violence offenses: And them Me: The judge stated " You're in a lot of trouble: Criminal trouble: ....

So 1 eight dundered, beware of the gecko, remember, it is a reptile, reptiles are cold blooded..

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