I had Geico auto insurance for several years. I always paid on time if not early, and had not one claim with them. Throughout the years, they would raise my premium little by little, but it was usually only a couple of dollars, so I never really worried about it. This last time, they jacked my premium up quite a bit. My premium started off at around $100 a month and is now at $110 before the new rate increase. With the new rate increase, it would be $126 a month. I called to find out why and was told that Geico re-evaluates each state from time to time and based on accidents and payout, premiums change.

So basically you get punished for other people's mistakes.

I asked Geico to keep my premium at what I was currently paying ($110) and they refused, saying it was illegal because they were regulated by the state, and that the new higher premium was the best rate they could offer me at the time. They wasted my time by going over all of my policy details and assured me that no one else would give me so much great coverage for a lower price. They also constantly reassured me that customer service was their number one priority.

I hung up and did quote comparisons with other insurance companies. I got quotes from two different agencies that matched my coverage and were significantly cheaper. I called Geico back and asked again why my premium was going up when I had done nothing to deserve it, and again, I got the same spiel. I informed the agent of my two different quotes, and said that I didn't even want him to match the significantly cheaper insurance rates, I only wanted to keep my premium at what I was already paying. They STILL refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She was not as polite, and interrupted me a lot. She kept going on and on about how customer satisfaction was very important to Geico, yet she refused to alter my premium in any way. I told her I would cancel my policy. She kept saying she would hate to see me go, but she still would not alter my policy.

I do not believe for one second that Geico is unable to match prices or lower policy premiums when requested. These companies thrive on customers, and with no price matching, there is little to no incentive to keep customers when a cheaper (and better) insurance company is competing for their business. If Geico really does function this way, it's pathetic, and extremely poor customer service.

I switched today and when I called to cancel, the agent made no attempt to try and keep my business, which other insurance companies have done in the past when I canceled them.

I'm glad I decided to switch to a better company with competitive rates instead of staying with a company with a "love it or leave it" attitude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Auto Insurance.

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increasing every 6 months.................


Geico Sucks! After paying $50,000.00 in premiums I got a 300% plus rate increase for my boat with less coverage with 0 claims in ten years!

I wouldn’t insure my grandson’s bike with this Shady, Fly by Night company . Screw Geico and their lizard!


GEICO IS A BIG RIP OFF !! My Truck Got Hit In A Parking Lot At A Store .

I went In Grab A Can Of Pop Came Back Got In My Truck Drove Home And Went To Other Side Of My Truck And Found Out Somebody Hit My Truck I Called GEICO insurance Explaind What Happend , They Said My Truck Was Not Coverd Because I Didnot Get A Licens Number Of Who Hit Me And Did Not Get A Police Report Till Next Day,. I did Not Even Know My Truck Got Hit Till I Got Home.

I was In Side The Sore. What A RIP OFF GEICO IS!!!!


So what you're saying is... You love the cheap rate, but didn't read the policy. Lesson learned.


The umbrella losses on auto claims has been real high, my claims free renewal went up 5% auto 60% umbrella... State Farm, American Family and Costo Connect are picking up the mass exodus of customers leaving Geico because of the umbrella mess ..

it pays to shop as a bundle... State Farm 22% less total proposition...

dump Geico yet keep your Berkshire shares... " if you dont like it leave mentality" will be included in the Geico Q 2 2021 earnings within Berkshire.


I just left Geico after years of having the my auto insurance with them. Geico does not care about customer service, and they can be they can be rude especially if you ask for a supervisor.

Our insurance went up after we moved the Florida, and we never had a claim, or accident. We were told it was because of the some kind of new requirement. We insured two vehicles a Ford Explorer and a Mercedes E320 and our cost was actually under $100. per month.

In Florida it stared at $135. not bad so we stayed with Geico but our cost went up from there.

A few weeks ago while driving our granddaughter's car it caught on fire, we still had Geico and for the first time we filed a claim, as we cover ourselves driving others cars, our insurance went up almost $300.00, we cancelled and went to a competitor with a muck better rate. Now we owe Geico $136.00 or so even though we cancelled on 5/8/21 to cover 5/7-25/21 I am not sure it this practice is legal, can you have one car insured by 2 different companies at the same time?


the government has allowed these companies to get so big they could care less if they have your buisiness. geico is owned by one of the richest men in the world warren buffet ie berkshire hatheway.

he has so much money that he asked bill gates and his wife possibly ex wife to help him give it away. they are also some of the richest people in the world ie microsoft. i used to have direct tv and after buffet bought it it evetualy became unaffordable.

i also didnt like when he is on stage campaigning with hillary clinton and abunch of children. these are child mollesters.


They did the same thing to me. I am paying 297.63 every month for 3 cars.

Today 12/31/2020 I got an email saying that my monthly premiums is going to be 573.29 on 01/19/2021. 19 day warning 277.66 a month increase. They said it was because of my daughter who backed into another car in the parking lot in february. It was just a minor bump that caused almost unnoticeable damage to the other cars bumper, who incidentally was also reversing.

I told the agent that I could not afford that much, she said "You have the option to go get insurance somewhere else" I have been with Geico more than 20yrs and this is how I get treated. My turn to go shopping for better insurance.


We have car insurance through Geico, and added on an umbrella policy last year. The rate was $389 for the year, which we thought was fare.

We got a bill yesterday to renew the policy, and it was $642. I called to see if there was an error, but the agent informed me that the increase was due to the rising cost of medical expenses in Colorado. This is a 65% increase.

We will be researching other insurance companies today. Shame on Geico.


Horrible insurance company I was in an accident (rearended in Feb 2020, not my fault) and Geico would NOT help me with my claim. It was a nightmare dealing with them, the other insurance and the auto body shop.

Turns out b/c my car was totaled geico upped my insurance policy. Leaving this POS insurance company before my next bill is due!!!


I've never done business with Geico Insurance before, but their TV ads are some of the best I've ever see. I'm in love with the Geico gecko.

He's so adorable. And his aussie accent is devine! I also love the Pinochio character in Geico ads.

The commercials are hilarious! Geico ads are better than the Progressive Insurance ads, but you gotta love Flo:)


I'm 63 with an excellent record. I've been with Geico for the past 5 years without one ticket and they've jacked it up after the second year every year since.

My premiums are significantly more than originally. I'm now looking for another provider.

Financial Expert
According to the GEICO Frequently Asked Questions section, car insurance premium rates can be affected by the following factors: When gas prices are low, drivers tend to log more miles. More time driving can lead to an increase in accidents.

Newer cars mean newer technology, which costs more to repair. Medical costs are rising, claims payouts for people injured in auto accidents are increasing. With mobile devices, people are more distracted while driving, causing an increase in accidents.

The personal factors that can affect your rate when your policy renews:
  • Change in coverage;
  • Driving record;
  • Life events;
  • New car.
    According to the GEICO support article, the company tries to control costs and offers the following:
    1. Multiple options for car insurance discounts;
    2. Coordinated countrywide responses to weather catastrophes;
    3. Driver education programs on the dangers of distracted driving;
    4. Fraud fighting teams and special investigators;
    5. Strong Auto Repair Xpress network.

It’s the same thing happen to me,now I’m switching to better insurance company that respects me with dignity..I’m wasting my 2 years doing business to GEICO never coming back


I had Geico insurance for over 15 years. Every year they raised rates a little.

I had one claim in 15 years. It was to replace a broken windshield. I finally got tired of them consistently raising rates and shopped around and got better coverage for HALF the price. I canceled geico.

Geico then reports me to state for no insurance!

I WILL NEVER USE GEICO AGAIN! I contacted state and gave them new policy, but that is pretty ***


My husband and I used to pay $140 a month, and suddenly they changed it to $230 a month due to high prices of repair? (we had no accident, guess car related products suddenly become expensive..?) We were 4 years customers with no record.

We just asked them again to keep the previous premium cost. If they refuse, guess there's no way but to change the company.


I hate them. I paid on time for 5 years with a good driving record.

I honestly think I was discriminated against because my son has a disability. Horrible company.


Doing the same to ME. Was told it was because I live in a nice neighborhood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I and other members of my family have maintained stellar driving records. We've done this by driving carefully and cautiously, and by always being alert to other bad drivers along our routes and steering clear of them.

We've had a policy with Geico for at least 6 years, but on the 7th year, they began to gradually jack up the rates at every opportunity, providing some BS explanation of higher incidence of claims in my area. By the 9th year, they really socked it to me with a 10% rate increase. I called and got, again, the same BS explanation. So, I did a diligent search and eventually got a great quote from Ameriprise through Costco, bring my rate down to the level it was before Geico began jacking my rates up.

On a financial radio show that I regularly listen to explained this phenomenon this way. He said that the auto insurance business is one of the rare businesses that punishes loyalty! They will give low rates to lure new customers but will gladly screw their existing customers to the extent they can get away with it. Thus, I was not surprised after my first year with Ameriprise that they increased my rates a bit.

But they wisely raised them only a little bit and weren't too greedy.

I expect them to follow the same BS that Geico pulled, and when the time comes, I'll switch companies yet again. As a premium paying machine that never makes any claims, this is the only option that I have.


Geico did the same bs raising my auto ins for no good reason every 6months No accidents & they still raise you 2x a yr!

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