I had Geico auto insurance for several years. I always paid on time if not early, and had not one claim with them. Throughout the years, they would raise my premium little by little, but it was usually only a couple of dollars, so I never really worried about it. This last time, they jacked my premium up quite a bit. My premium started off at around $100 a month and is now at $110 before the new rate increase. With the new rate increase, it would be $126 a month. I called to find out why and was told that Geico re-evaluates each state from time to time and based on accidents and payout, premiums change.

So basically you get punished for other people's mistakes.

I asked Geico to keep my premium at what I was currently paying ($110) and they refused, saying it was illegal because they were regulated by the state, and that the new higher premium was the best rate they could offer me at the time. They wasted my time by going over all of my policy details and assured me that no one else would give me so much great coverage for a lower price. They also constantly reassured me that customer service was their number one priority.

I hung up and did quote comparisons with other insurance companies. I got quotes from two different agencies that matched my coverage and were significantly cheaper. I called Geico back and asked again why my premium was going up when I had done nothing to deserve it, and again, I got the same spiel. I informed the agent of my two different quotes, and said that I didn't even want him to match the significantly cheaper insurance rates, I only wanted to keep my premium at what I was already paying. They STILL refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She was not as polite, and interrupted me a lot. She kept going on and on about how customer satisfaction was very important to Geico, yet she refused to alter my premium in any way. I told her I would cancel my policy. She kept saying she would hate to see me go, but she still would not alter my policy.

I do not believe for one second that Geico is unable to match prices or lower policy premiums when requested. These companies thrive on customers, and with no price matching, there is little to no incentive to keep customers when a cheaper (and better) insurance company is competing for their business. If Geico really does function this way, it's pathetic, and extremely poor customer service.

I switched today and when I called to cancel, the agent made no attempt to try and keep my business, which other insurance companies have done in the past when I canceled them.

I'm glad I decided to switch to a better company with competitive rates instead of staying with a company with a "love it or leave it" attitude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Auto Insurance.

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I just got my raised for no reason , i am going to switch too.


Just had them raise my homeowners insurance by 25% and given the reason that Ohio had high claims last year. What the *** does that have to do with my policy?

No claims and I bundle with them. They will be losing all my business.


Mine just went from 90 to 130 with no reason or explanation at all. When I questioned this through email I got a copy and paste reply blaming weather conditions and other ridiculous excuses.


Good on you man. I am going through the same thing.

I have been with these clowns for 8 years and the monthly payments ONLY went up. I have never been in an accident and still they just keep increasing the premiums on me. I called as well. It got ugly but no attempt to stay at the current rate.

Its BS to get punished for other peoples irresponsible driving habits.

Their business practices are awful and they should be ashamed of it. *** them!


I've never had a wreck, never even had a speeding ticket; and my 6-month premiums continue to rise. I now pay nearly $500 for six months.


ive had geico since 2014. they just increased my rates by about 15/month.

I do not pay my 6 month premium all at once, I spread it into monthly payments, and I pay by credit card, all of which means that I pay a few dollars more already. if I paid it at once and via checking account, I save a few bucks, but not much. i have a few claims on my account since 2014, but those instances were all accidents where i was a victim and not the one who cause it (hit and run, hit from behind at a red light, passing car hit my parked car outside my house, etc.). Since NJ is zero fault state, it had no effect on my risk as a driver.

in fact, my rates went down after those events. Part of why they went down was due to experience (i turned 25 in 2017. usually rates go down around that age), the fact that i had a defensive driving course i took on the internet, as well as being a shareholder in Berkshire Hathaway (the parent company of Geico). i bought one Class B share of geico and then called them and asked for the shareholder discount, which is actually the largest discount i have on my plan and saves me over $41 every six months.

ive been a shareholder for a few years now, and ive already made my money's worth out of the $140 that i spent on the share. I save over $118 over 6 months. Despite all of this, my rates were just increased by over $15 per month. i called to find out why, explaining that the latest claim on my account was actually cancelled and settled outside of insurance and should not be considered.

they said that it was not factored into my rate increase and the reason for the increase was that the cost of medical coverage and car repairs in the state of NJ has gone up and this increase is due to that.

if it was due to a cancelled liability claim, then i would have seen my 5 year good driver discount disappear. i will check other companies to see if i can find cheaper.


Same thing happened to me. They increased my rate from last year by more than 20% for no apparent reason and I got the same spiel from the Geico rep as the other consumer. I have been with them for 26 years and now will likely switch.


GEICO raised my monthly rate by $129 from $290 to $419 for no obvious reasons. This is for 4 cars and 4 drivers.

When I emailed them asking for the reason, they just gave me a boiler plate response: "We can see you are concerned with the premium increase you experienced during your recent policy renewal. We do everything we can to ensure that we always provide the best insurance for the best price. To do this we continue to review how we rate our policies. Part of this rate filing we have changed how we assign drivers to vehicles.

Factors like distracted driving, higher repair costs due to vehicle technology and rising medical costs affect the price of insurance. As these and other factors change; the price of insurance also follows suit.

Be sure to visit our discount page online to take a look at the many savings opportunities that we offer. GEICO has been serving our customers for over 75 years, and we'll continue to work diligently to save you money."


They raised my insurance $88 today for absolutely no reason and gave me the same *** I'm currently looking at other places for insurance. *** GEICO!


I called geico to ask about the recent increase in premiums and they gave me the same spiel, calling around for comparisons with a policy match.


I had the same experience. Geico raised my premiums for no reason at all. I moved to another insurance company


Yes...After reading similar reviews, I've concluded that Geico's 200% auto policy surcharge is apparently nationwide to replenish profits lost from natural disasters. I always believed that all rates/premiums were based upon an insured's claim history.

NOT SINCE THE GULF WAR!!! Though it ought to be against U.S. law to charge everyone, those with or without a claims history, equally, negates the insureds ability to get a competitive premium for good history, paying on time, etc. - thus making you and me "a nation for the insurance corporation, for the insurance corporation, and by the insurance corporation".

We are no longer a democracy. Sad but true!


GEICO did the same with us as well. I been with GEICO for ten years.

I also have my home insurance with them, but suddenly for being a very good driver with no bad records they have increased my premium quite high.

Their customer service is the worst you can imagine. I am still looking for better deal in the market and will leave them soon.


DON'T get Geico homeowner. There is no real discount in "the bundling baloney"...in my opinion.

Also noteworthy, GEICO "partners with" and only insures you, the homeowner, through Travelers or another large underwriter, people! If you went to the "partner" directly, you might get a better rate. Anytime an underwriter is used, you are paying for it. Conversely, if THE UNDERWRITER is discounting it's product because of their affiliation with Geico, they are overcharging the customer who does not "bundle"...in my opinion.

Makes sense to me!

BTW: their customer service peeps are HUMAN "BOTS". Don't trust what they say....NEXT..."Soylent Green Crackers"....?


I think a class-action lawsuit would be a good idea against Geico.


I have the same experience. Been with Geico for years and they kept raising my rates.

I left for a year. There next time, they gave me a much better rate. But they kept raising the rates again every 6 months for 20-30%.

I left again. Would it cause then less to keep the same customers instead playing The bait and switch game?!?!?!?


Geico sucks. My policy has been 669 for three cars since I started.

Now it’s going up to 950.

And there’s been no accidents or violations or tickets and all they can say is underwriters evaluate based on driving etc. like ok.


Been a geico costumer for almost 10 years. For the last 3 years, they have continued to raise my rates.

In April of this year, I dented by tailgate which cost Geico $400 after my $500 deductible. Now, they raised by monthly by $50!!!! When I asked why they thought it was good business to raise my rate that much, they said I was now a risk!!! really!!!

a risk for a dented tailgate after years of no accidents!!! In what world is that appropriate action for a loyal customer.

Just no way I could stay with them after this. Unbelievable!!!Type your message here


You're very naive if you think external factors other than your own don't effect insurance premiums. As claim costs escalate due to increasing repair costs and changes in construction of vehicles such as bumpers filled with technology and rampant cell phone use don't effect everyone's premiums you should take a class in economics.





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