I had Geico auto insurance for several years. I always paid on time if not early, and had not one claim with them. Throughout the years, they would raise my premium little by little, but it was usually only a couple of dollars, so I never really worried about it. This last time, they jacked my premium up quite a bit. My premium started off at around $100 a month and is now at $110 before the new rate increase. With the new rate increase, it would be $126 a month. I called to find out why and was told that Geico re-evaluates each state from time to time and based on accidents and payout, premiums change.

So basically you get punished for other people's mistakes.

I asked Geico to keep my premium at what I was currently paying ($110) and they refused, saying it was illegal because they were regulated by the state, and that the new higher premium was the best rate they could offer me at the time. They wasted my time by going over all of my policy details and assured me that no one else would give me so much great coverage for a lower price. They also constantly reassured me that customer service was their number one priority.

I hung up and did quote comparisons with other insurance companies. I got quotes from two different agencies that matched my coverage and were significantly cheaper. I called Geico back and asked again why my premium was going up when I had done nothing to deserve it, and again, I got the same spiel. I informed the agent of my two different quotes, and said that I didn't even want him to match the significantly cheaper insurance rates, I only wanted to keep my premium at what I was already paying. They STILL refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She was not as polite, and interrupted me a lot. She kept going on and on about how customer satisfaction was very important to Geico, yet she refused to alter my premium in any way. I told her I would cancel my policy. She kept saying she would hate to see me go, but she still would not alter my policy.

I do not believe for one second that Geico is unable to match prices or lower policy premiums when requested. These companies thrive on customers, and with no price matching, there is little to no incentive to keep customers when a cheaper (and better) insurance company is competing for their business. If Geico really does function this way, it's pathetic, and extremely poor customer service.

I switched today and when I called to cancel, the agent made no attempt to try and keep my business, which other insurance companies have done in the past when I canceled them.

I'm glad I decided to switch to a better company with competitive rates instead of staying with a company with a "love it or leave it" attitude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Auto Insurance.

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Who, what’s the name of the litigator?



their bottom line. The BIG Auto companies & airlines were bailed out.

If they can't manage better, just fold! Our system is broken, in my opinion.


Wow. I am thinking about suing them! They have been overcharging me and had my son down for an accident he did not do.


We need to sue them then sue all geico employees.


Get ' em!!!


Same. exact.

thing. Infuriating.


From what I have heard if you call and tell them you are cancelling your policy, all of a sudden they might be able to find a discount for you to stay. We have had 3-4 car on a policy for over 6 years and have not bought any new cars.

No accidents etc and our policy has went up.

A few people have called and said they are cancelling to switch to cheaper or another company and geico will say o wait we found a special discount. Good luck


This wasn't my experience. I just called.

My insurance was $800/6mo in 2012 when I financed my car. Now that my car is 6 years older (and completely paid for), my insurance is $896; no accidents on my record ever. Called and found out it increased $85 since my defensive driver discount expired. If I retake the course, my rate will go down to $811.

That means my rates have only really increased $11 a cycle. I assumed that my insurance would go down considerably once my car was paid off but that hasn't happened. I told Geico I'd likely drop before my new rate goes into effect in a week and they made absolutely no attempt to find further discounts or do anything to keep me as a customer.

I suppose I already have all the discounts they offer. Btw, I live in NYC.


Can someone list the company you found that offered you lower rates and a better package?


I pay every 6 months. I started with them 2 years ago next month and my policy went up $110 in 2 years!!

On vehicles that are 10 years old. They said due to medical insurance payouts the cost of everything is increasing. This is the same thing they told me 6 months ago when my policy went up $40. Never had a ticket or accident in my life 35 years old.

Unfortunately i live in this *** state called California and am ONLY here because husband is active duty. These ppl are criminals by sucking you in with good rates and raising them immediately.

Funny thing is i went on their website put in fake names and they are quoting me $391 for 6 months but want me to currently pay $755 every 6 months. Un *** believable!!


When I started with Geico 3 years ago, it was $90/month. Then it was $100...then $115....then $130...I called them and got the whole “cost of business/my Versa was a ‘high risk vehicle’ (please)”.

This next policy cycle, they wanted $220/month. Now I did get a single ticket, but never lost my good driver discount. I didn’t even call to fight it. I found another insurer, and I’m paying $117/month now.

Not only that, they let me lock it in for a full year. Geico is a joke.


Geico has been raising my rates as well and I've had enough of them. Goodbye!


So, this happened to me today. I have been with Geico for 11 years.

I was paying 91.10 then I get my email for my June 2018 payment and it is 142.11. Again, I have not had any accidents or violations. I emailed the company thinking that because I have been a safe driver and good customer that I would be able to keep my rate. That is a big fat no.

It is really disappointing, so I am taking my business elsewhere.

I got a quote for even better coverage with TN Farm Bureau and making the move and saving more money too. Glad that Geico tried to put the screws to me and I am switching and saving money!


I am having the same issue with them. I've been with them for 4 years.

My policy started out at $98 but is now at $150.00!!!!! That's insane!!!! No accidents or claims made. Perfect driving record.

The only thing they could do to lower my policy rate was a college discount which brought it down to $143. I will be looking elsewhere.


I could understand 2-3% increase a year, but a *** 40% increase from last December?For me, I have perfect driving records for more than 5 years. No speeding, no nothing.It is completely absurb for Geico to increase rates anyway they want to.


I had the same experience. Every year the rate went up a few dollars and haggling with the Geico customer service was a waste of time.Now I Just got my renewal bill and it is up 19.4%.

Wow - thats it, bye bye Geico! Got a quote from Thehartford for IDENTICAL coverage, and it is 24% lower.I have th


Try to beat this !!! Live in Georgia !

Was paying $301 for multiple vehicles until March 15 2018. Now my rate is $445.00. That is a 50% increase in premium. No citations or claims.

Customer Service says the increase is across the board. Reason because their COST OF DOING BUSINESS has gone up. Really ??

I also have a 12 year old Audi the NADA value of which is $2800 but half yearly premium is $600 while my FJ Cruizer with a NADA value of 25K has a half yearly premium of $311. Jeez makes no sense to me.


Like everyone else here, I'm getting the same shaft from Geico. Every 6 months, they raise my premiums by around $7 a month.

About 6 weeks ago, I got a new vehicle and was informed by Geico that I'll see an increase of about $3 a month. Surprise, surprise!

I just received my policy renewal, complete with a $14 a month increase. Time to start shopping around.


I just switched to progressive because my rate went up $150 A MONTH (they wanted $370 from me next month and $318 the next 5 months because I got a ticket last November)


Geico has done me the same way for about 8 years ! I see a class action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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