I had Geico auto insurance for several years. I always paid on time if not early, and had not one claim with them. Throughout the years, they would raise my premium little by little, but it was usually only a couple of dollars, so I never really worried about it. This last time, they jacked my premium up quite a bit. My premium started off at around $100 a month and is now at $110 before the new rate increase. With the new rate increase, it would be $126 a month. I called to find out why and was told that Geico re-evaluates each state from time to time and based on accidents and payout, premiums change.

So basically you get punished for other people's mistakes.

I asked Geico to keep my premium at what I was currently paying ($110) and they refused, saying it was illegal because they were regulated by the state, and that the new higher premium was the best rate they could offer me at the time. They wasted my time by going over all of my policy details and assured me that no one else would give me so much great coverage for a lower price. They also constantly reassured me that customer service was their number one priority.

I hung up and did quote comparisons with other insurance companies. I got quotes from two different agencies that matched my coverage and were significantly cheaper. I called Geico back and asked again why my premium was going up when I had done nothing to deserve it, and again, I got the same spiel. I informed the agent of my two different quotes, and said that I didn't even want him to match the significantly cheaper insurance rates, I only wanted to keep my premium at what I was already paying. They STILL refused. I asked to speak to a supervisor. She was not as polite, and interrupted me a lot. She kept going on and on about how customer satisfaction was very important to Geico, yet she refused to alter my premium in any way. I told her I would cancel my policy. She kept saying she would hate to see me go, but she still would not alter my policy.

I do not believe for one second that Geico is unable to match prices or lower policy premiums when requested. These companies thrive on customers, and with no price matching, there is little to no incentive to keep customers when a cheaper (and better) insurance company is competing for their business. If Geico really does function this way, it's pathetic, and extremely poor customer service.

I switched today and when I called to cancel, the agent made no attempt to try and keep my business, which other insurance companies have done in the past when I canceled them.

I'm glad I decided to switch to a better company with competitive rates instead of staying with a company with a "love it or leave it" attitude.

Product or Service Mentioned: Geico Auto Insurance.

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I got tired of asking why my insurance keeps going up..every year..and it's like u stated we are paying for all the bad drivers out there...so it's dam if you do or don't file a claim your rates will increase no matter what. That's the bs with these companies..


To be honest, Geico customer service is pretty good, easy to reach, polite people. I don't know if I can find another company that is that good, if I switch.

So I suck up the increase thinking it is inflation. lol


You must be working for GEICO.


I pay every 6 months. My premium has increased $13, $9, $17, $22.

That looks to me like an average of $15.

For what?

I wish I could stick around to see if they keep the increases around $15 or increase it as you stay with them longer, but I'll be moving to a state where they are not even close to competitive so I'll never know. Farewell gecko.


Same exact story. My premium went up.

Called Geico to negotiate (spoke to supervisor). Warned them I'm going to switch, was told we are I sorry to see you go.

Next day switched to different company and called Geico to cancel, the rep was ready to match premium just to keep me as a customer... too late.


Wow, the same thing happen to me today, the agent told me the same thing I felt like we both spoke to the same person or those agents have a script, I use to pay $70 per month now I have to pay $122 per month , I have clean driving records I have been their customer for 9 years never used my premiums never cause an accident. they offered me to take offensive driving classes to qualify for $22 discount, the catch is I have to pay $20 for the classes..funny basically I will be saving only $2. I believe I have to shop around for new carrier, it's so ridicules that I have to pay for someone else's way of driving.


Thats 22 times 6 billing cycles for 3 years, and I only payed 15 for the online course through geico. Savings is 22.61 times 6 =135.66 - 15.00= 120.66 savings over 3 years till you have to take course again. Its worth it.


OFFENSIVE driving classes? Are you Mad Max, lol.

I know what you meant, but that's funny...


I switched to Geico a few years ago when I moved to Texas. Same thing...initially $100 for six months (just liability) then every single payment cycle the bill ratcheted up.

I later moved to Florida. Apparently insurance really is a bit higher in Florida at all insurance companies and Geico started with charging me $137. Very next cycle, Geico charged me $170.

The first lower rate seems to be how they hook customers and then Geico raises the rates.

I'll admit that, while annoyed, I still paid the $170. They probably calculated the odds on what higher price would make me leave and then charged just below that.


I just have liability on a Ford Focus. Started off four 5 years a go at $140.

per six months. It went up only minimally at first, but now it is shooting up there, went up to $160. six months a go and now to $171.

I only drive this car to work and back, 5,000 miles a year. Going to start looking around now.


Thanks for sharing, I agree no more business with Geico. They rates are the highest of all auto insurance policies.


No insurance company will match prices because all companies use different underwriting criteria. Therefore, it is impossible to do matching because companies would need to know other companies' underwriting guidelines. Companies will never disclose that to each other.

Also, the only time rates can go up is if state regulations change (state rate increase/decrease) or if it is caused by your driving history.

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