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On 11/15/2013 my vehicle was in an accident. The driver of the other vehicle involved in the accident was not paying attention and hit me in the passenger side, back of the vehicle hard enough to knock out the back window, smash the rear axle, hubcap, and cause body damage.

When I contacted my insurance adjuster, I described the accident, took my vehicle to the body shop of your choosing, which happened to have a Geico agent working there, and was told that I was not at fault. After further conversations with my adjuster and his supervisor, I was told that the other driver did not have any insurance,nor was the vehicle insured, and they proceeded to pay me out.

Three weeks later, my adjuster contacted me and told me the uninsured driver had all of a sudden found 2 witnesses that said I stopped in front of her, and that is why she hit me, they said I was at fault, and they were going to pay 80% of her medical bills. Also, I have been dropped as of 02/05/2014, and the accident is on my record, which is causing me difficulties in getting insurance with any other insurance carrier, or to gain any kind of employmeny in my field of work.

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Wow my husband and I were in a hit and run while sitting in a left turning lane and they have put us through the ringer. We have been bullied because we did not get the license plate while the car was tearing down the street.

our previous car was in an accident a few months ago and they act as if we planned the accidents. Yet, they still receive our payments for full coverage while they practically accuse us of scamming.

our left rear door is mashed in. thank God it wasn't the drivers door.

Stafford, Virginia, United States #763171

Where were these witness at the time of the accident Or are they friends of the person on the other car? Something's not right here

to Anonymous #782562

no one got out of their cars we were able to drive into a parking lot. When we filed the report the police said there were no reports.

There were people all over but no one to say what happened.

I understand that we don't have much to go on. I would rather them say that they can't guarantee payout rather than talk down to us.

to deb_953 #782565

if it isn't cut and dry then they work against you. they believe anything negative


The major thing here is did you call the cops at the time of the accident? If they were called and arrived on the accident scene, they would have wrote up a report.

That report would have the details of the accident in it. Weren't you employed at the time of the accident?

And if you can't find employment in your field, take a different job. A lot of people are having a hard time finding employment in their chosen field and have to settle for something else and it isn't because of an accident.

to anonymous #782563

we are both employed and would rather fix our own car than go through this demeaning process. but, that would leave us without insurance

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