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Claim# 0522932990101019 Worst Experiences Ever.

On 7/6/2015 I contacted Geico and spoke to an agent by the name of Mona Hofmann to get a Quote on adding a vehicle to my husband’s policy. Mona Hofmann provided several different quotes and I decided originally that I would discuss it further with my husband and call back.

Mona Hofmann offered to stay on the line which I appreciated since my husband was near me and she could answer any questions if need be. We went over several quotes and decided we can stay within our budget of $250.00 and have everything except collision on both vehicles on the policy because as Mona suggested the years of the vehicles we were insuring it wouldn’t necessarily be all that beneficial to us. It was actually around the time my husband’s policy was due to be renewed so Mona collected the payment and advised me there would be no additional charges for adding my Honda Accord to the policy. Fast forward to 7/16/2015 my husband vehicle was stolen and we called Geico to report the incident and request rental car assistance and were told we didn’t have the coverage.

I disputed this and requested that my phone recording be listened to because I just knew this had to be human error on Mona Hofmann’s end because clearly we spent over 20 minutes on the phone going over the different options/quotes so I’m certain I was very clear to her as to what coverage we would be taking on BOTH vehicles were the same (EVERYTHING EXCEPT COLLISION COVERAGE). Catherine my claims adjuster stated not all calls are recorded to which I thought; what are the odds my call would be the call that wasn’t recorded. I called Geico yesterday 7/23/2015 and left a message for Catherine @ 863-719-2034 to give me a follow up on my claim status, I also left a message for supervisor Sandra Cooper 863-619-4355 to give me or my husband a call about the claim status. Today 7/24/2015 I spoke to Mara Beasley (Who provided GREAT customer service to me) she emailed Sandra Copper to give me a call which I have yet to receive but I did receive my denial notice by email conveniently at @4:52 pm the end of business day for both Sandra Cooper and Catherine.

I’ve never received any feed back on how anyone came to this conclusion IF IN FACT THEY LISTENED TO THE CALL MADE TO GEICO ON 7/6/2015 WHEN I SPOKE TO MONA HOFMANN AND ALL OF THIS MESS BEGAN there is no way possible a “DENIAL” could be the resolution to my claim.

I will report this to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and I’m prepared to go up the chain of commands. I would love GEICO to provide me and my husband a conference call at this point of the phone recording from our initial call to Geico back on 7/6/2015 when I spoke to Mona Hofmann because I don’t know who or what to believe now when I’m dealing with GEICO.

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Marlona3 is quite happy with price. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss warranty issue of geico auto insurance and associated monetary loss in the amount of $5000. Geico needs to have the product delivered according to poster's claims.

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Get a lawyer and he will obtain the recordings...

LAWYERS always get the job done =-)

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